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Even though Instagram isn’t one of the original social media platforms (shouts out Friendster and Myspace), it has become one of the most dominant social media companies ...
Data Analytics

Instagram Analytics With SQL Queries Part 1: Getting Started

  At Panoply, we’ve built a smart cloud data warehouse that will let you seamlessly integrate all your data, store it for analysis, and generate business intelligence ...
BI And Data Visualization

Top 25 Business Intelligence Tools Of 2019 And How To Decide

We recently worked with Aron Clymer, CEO of the data consulting firm Data Clymer to show you how you can consolidate all of your ecommerce data from any number of ...
BI And Data Visualization

How To Build An Ecommerce Dashboard For Shopify

In a world where data continues to grow, working with this critical business asset has become even more important. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2025, nearly 20% of the ...
BI And Data Visualization

Data Visualization 101: Understanding The Power Of Data And Dashboards

With data flowing in from all directions, how are businesses to make sense of all of this information, let alone make meaningful decisions? This is where a having the ...
BI And Data Visualization

How To Pick The Right BI Tool For Your Business

Microsoft PowerBI integrates with MySQL out of the box. However, loading data into PowerBI to create MySQL visualizations is not straightforward—especially if MySQL is ...
BI And Data Visualization

PowerBI With MySQL: Challenges And Alternatives

Humans are visually-motivated. When we see a movie, we’re drawn to the most beautiful and exotic settings, the most striking and recognizable actors, the biggest ...
Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing Meet: Magic Ensues

Business Intelligence (BI) has, by tradition, been a long and drawn out process. In the early days of computers, BI tools such as SAP/Crystal Reports and IBM/Cognos came ...
BI And Data Visualization

Embedded Analytics With Power BI And Azure

Preparing data for Business Intelligence (BI) can be a very tedious and time consuming process. You want the data to turn into the best reports for analysis. But, the ...
BI And Data Visualization

A BI Example: Load & Transform To Prepare Data For Analysis

Is it easy to connect to a data warehouse? Selecting the right tool can help make this connection attainable. Tableau Desktop makes this connection easy, from opening ...
Data Warehousing

Connecting To Data Warehouses In Tableau

Are you considering a career as a BI Architect? You have made an excellent choice. Business Intelligence Architects are some of the leading minds in business and ...
Analytics Leadership

Business Intelligence Architect: Defining The Role

This is the third and final part in the 101 series covering big data concepts, terminology and technology
BI And Data Visualization

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover: Data Infrastructure And Data Visualization, Mutually Exclusive Or Not?

Microsoft Research just released SandDance, a free web-based data visualization tool.
BI And Data Visualization

Blitz Analyzing With Microsoft SandDance

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