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Maybe you're a business analyst who's sick of not being able to level up your Power BI reports. Or maybe your New Year's resolution is that this is the year you'll ...
Data Analysis

How To Nail Your New Year's Resolution To Actually Learn SQL This Time

If your business is engaging in data and analytics, you may have used SQL (or Structured Query Language) or even developed an ETL process (or Extract, Transform, Load). ...

SQL and ETL: The Dynamic Data Duo

WordPress and Google Analytics are two BI tools (Business Intelligence) that go together like peas and carrots (if you're into that sort of thing). WordPress powers over ...

How To Combine And Analyze WordPress And Google Analytics Data Together

DATEDIFF is a super useful function that returns the difference between date parts (or dateparts) of two date or time expressions. For this post we will use data from: ...
Learning Sql

Creating Elapsed Time Histograms in SQL Using DATEDIFF

This blog post is the first of a two-part series. The first part will focus on Hubspot lead analytics and will equip you with the tools you need to go beyond standard ...
Learning Sql

Hubspot Lead Analytics in SQL, Beyond CRM Reporting

In this post, we’ll walk through three ways to subtract dates (or timestamps) in Redshift:
Learning Sql

Tutorial: How To Subtract Dates In Redshift

Learning Sql

Comparing Metrics Over Time in SQL

Congratulations! You’ve connected to your data warehouse (or database). You are on your way towards analytics awesomeness. But first, you need to get your bearings. ...
Learning Sql

Exploring Tables And Columns In Redshift: A PG_TABLE_DEF Tutorial

In this blog post, I will introduce you to the basics of using CASE statements/expressions. This post will also cover comparison operators (greater than, less than, ...
Learning Sql

Postgres CASE Statement Basics by Example

When I started my SQL journey not too long ago, I diligently completed interactive tutorials and to be honest, thought I had a grasp on this thing. Fast forward a couple ...
Learning Sql

A Beginner’s Guide to Formatting Dates in SQL

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