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Should I use MySQL or MariaDB? That's probably the question in your mind right now.
MariaDB vs MySQL Performance Comparison | Panoply
"Use MongoDB!" said the first engineer. "No, use MySQL," said the second. And there you were, watching them fight like football fans supporting their favorite ...
MongoDB vs MySQL: The Differences Explained
This series of posts analyzes how specific databases stack up against each other. We've covered the following comparisons so far: Cassandra vs MongoDB Redis vs MongoDB ...
PostgreSQL Vs MySQL: Different Databases For Different Use Cases
This tutorial was authored by Ahmed Shaaban, a MeasureMatch partner.
MySQL Replication for Analytics and Visualization: A Panoply Tutorial
WordPress and Google Analytics are two BI tools (Business Intelligence) that go together like peas and carrots (if you're into that sort of thing). WordPress powers over ...
How To Combine And Analyze WordPress And Google Analytics Data Together
MySQL is one of the more popular flavors of SQL-based databases, especially when it comes to web applications. Owned by Oracle, MySQL is free and open source, so it’s a ...
MySQL as a Data Warehouse: is it really your best option?
Data analytics is a requirement for virtually every business today. However building an analytical data warehouse requires vast computing power to maintain performance ...
Data Warehousing
How to Move Your MySQL to Redshift

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