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Panoply has joined the SQream data family!

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a fairly new entrant into the universe of databases mainly optimized for reading operations. By structuring data in a rigid ...
Data Warehousing

What Does a Modern Data Warehouse Do?

Data analytics can mean a lot of things. Sometimes you’re delivering relevant metrics to analysis experts; other times, you’re identifying which tools, resources, and ...
Data Analysis

The Pros and Cons of Open-source Software in Data Analytics

One of the significant challenges in handling data comes from the massive amount of data your organization is most likely generating constantly. Having the ability to ...
Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Design: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Even the most potent database is still prone to the terrifying error any database system can face: query bottlenecks.
Data Warehousing

Redshift Query Queues: The Complete Guide

Google Cloud Platform has long been the cloud provider of choice for web analytics, with the impressive BigQuery being Google's massively parallel processing (MPP) ...
Data Warehousing

BigQuery Data Types Examined & Explained

Data visualization is defined as the graphical representation of information and data. Using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps helps audiences to see and ...
Being Data Driven

History of Data Visualization: Pivotal Moments Analysts Can Learn From

At some point, you will begin to recognize that there is more potential in your data than just charts and dashboards.

5 Best Reverse ETL Tools & Their Alternatives

The goal of this article is to present an unbiased view and play-by-play breakdown of how much it would cost to build your own ETL pipeline and data warehouse vs. using ...
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Build or Buy? Panoply vs. Self-Managed Solution (By the Numbers)

A data warehouse aims to make sense of a specific subject over time by analyzing historical data. This system, also called the decision-making support system, can tackle ...
Data Warehousing

Incremental Loading: The Smarter Way to Update Data

Did you know that data collection is one of the most time-consuming steps in the process of data science? But it's definitely not as terrifying as data cleaning.
Being Data Driven

Complete Guide to Data Collection for Data Science: Step-by-Step

Google Ads is Google's platform for digital business advertisement. If you're new to Google Ads analysis, you'll need to understand the kind of data on the platform.
Data Analysis

The Analyst's Guide to Google Ads & Successful Ad Spends

A data dictionary defines all the critical metrics and terms your business uses. It's a simple idea that dramatically impacts how effectively your business can use its ...
Being Data Driven

5 Ways to Create a Data Dictionary + (Free Template!)

Power BI increases its adoption among the most experienced users each day. Thanks to being a user-friendly tool with various data sources to connect to, it helps analyze ...

How To Analyze PostgreSQL Data in Power BI

The world has changed; companies now use hybrid and multi-cloud environments to store their data. You probably do too. Gone are the days where you had to build a data ...
Being Data Driven

Data Orchestration Guide & Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) Examples

Modern consumers expect a streamlined & personalized service from the retailers with whom they do business. If you can’t fulfill their expectations for an efficient ...
Being Data Driven

How Data Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Retail Business

Google released Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in October 2020 in an effort to improve upon the previous generation called Universal Analytics (UA).
Data Analysis

The Analyst's Guide to Google Analytics 4

Google BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse solution that aims to be cost-effective and highly scalable, allowing businesses to analyze large amounts of data with ...
Data Warehousing

9 Most Useful BigQuery SQL Functions for Efficency

In the world of data and analytics, data observability is an important but often overlooked process.

6 Best Data Observability Tools: Comparing Usability & Features

Data Warehousing

How to Convert/Translate PostgreSQL Queries Into BigQuery SQL

Designing and creating a data dictionary for your company is a big process with big returns. It's something you need to do if you want deep insights from your data and ...
Best Practices

7 Best Practices for Building a Data Dictionary

When building or maintaining your data warehouse, you will be using what is known as "ETL" to integrate your data.

ETL vs ELT: The Difference is in the How

When you love a piece of software the way our users love Panoply, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out what new features are on the roadmap. 
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Panoply’s Product Roadmap - Q3 2021

When it comes to storing data, we generally have two options: SQL (relational databases) and NoSQL (non-relational databases).
Data Stack

SQL vs. NoSQL: The Differences Explained

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