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We’ve developed a way to make the platform even better for our data-loving customers: let’s talk about usage reports - the data on your data!  In the past, Panoply users ...
Usage Reports: Get the Data on Your Data
There are few things more validating for a business than happy customers and positive testimonials. Not to toot our own horn, but peer-to-peer review site G2 awarded ...
Data Management
G2 Recognition with Panoply Founder Yaniv Leven
If it seems like data and analytics companies can’t stop talking about a “single source of truth,” well… you’re right. Single source of truth (SSOT) has emerged as a ...
Data Warehousing
Data Bytes: Everyone Needs a Single Source of Truth
MongoDB database is really popular these days. Developers often use it instead of MySQL, but these two platforms aren’t in direct competition. While MySQL is a ...
Data Management
Important MongoDB Best Practices You Should Follow
Data Warehousing
Step By Step: Export Shopify Data Using Panoply
Reflecting on the first-ever offsite team meetup
Data Bytes Episode 2: The Panoply Meetup
What better way to kick off a new video series than by sitting down with the CEO? 
Data Bytes Episode 1: After the Acquisition
Google has announced that Universal Analytics (UA) will have its sunset – will be switched off, to put it straight – by the autumn of 2023. Enterprise users are given ...
Data Industry Trends
Google Moves Marketers to GA4: Good News or Not?
Moving your business from disparate data sources and ad hoc reporting to a single source of truth data warehouse solution is a sign of growth in the right direction.
Being Data Driven
10 Questions to Help Define a Successful Data Warehouse Strategy
The buzzwords “big data” have been around for a few years. Simply put, it refers to extremely large amounts of information. As this data grows in quantity, variety, and ...
Data Management
Data Management Best Practices and How They Help Your Team
Using insights generated from company data is essential when making business decisions. Having reliable data enables a company to make strategic decisions to optimize ...
Data Stack
Top 6 Power BI Benefits For Your Business
With the launch of our new 21-day Free Proof of Value, new users have plenty of time to begin seeing the value that Panoply adds as a part of their tech stack. In order ...
Panoply News
Proof of Value Onboarding Checklist
Earlier this year we partnered with  Square to tackle a common problem: how can Square sellers unlock more robust reporting, without hiring a full data team? While we ...
Analyzing Square Data with Panoply: No Code Required
Try Free for 14 Days! No doubt you’ve seen this language all around the data industry and the internet at large as the free 14-day trial has become table stakes for any ...
Panoply News
Exploring Panoply’s New 60-Day Proof of Value
Data flows like never before, and with so much at our disposal, making the best use of it is a challenge. Many businesses use Google Sheets for everything from content ...
Data Warehousing
6 Use Cases for Connecting Google Sheets to Panoply
A recent IDC DataSphere forecast report predicts that the compound annual growth rate of global data creation and replication will reach 23% between 2020 and 2025.
Data Warehousing
10 Benefits and Use Cases for A Data Warehouse
Sometimes, the only thing standing between an analyst and a catastrophic management decision could be knowing the difference between the tables:
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse Naming Conventions Guide
This article will cover how to work with time series/datetime data in Redshift.
Learning Sql
Manipulating Time Series Data with SQL in Redshift
Data is the lifeline of any modern organization. At any point, every day, you work on molding data points into information to derive profits. Therefore, having the right ...
ETL and SQL: The Dynamic Data Duo & Examples
Panoply News
Panoply has joined the SQream data family!
The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a fairly new entrant into the universe of databases mainly optimized for reading operations. By structuring data in a rigid ...
Data Warehousing
What Does a Modern Data Warehouse Do?
Data analytics can mean a lot of things. Sometimes you’re delivering relevant metrics to analysis experts; other times, you’re identifying which tools, resources, and ...
Data Analysis
The Pros and Cons of Open-source Software in Data Analytics
One of the significant challenges in handling data comes from the massive amount of data your organization is most likely generating constantly. Having the ability to ...
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse Design: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Even the most potent database is still prone to the terrifying error any database system can face: query bottlenecks.
Data Warehousing
Redshift Query Queues: The Complete Guide

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