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Data has become the lifeblood of business and data warehouses are an essential part of that. But knowing which data warehouse makes sense for your business can be tricky.
Data Warehousing

Snowflake Vs Redshift: Data Warehouse Comparison

Welcome back, data folk, to our 3-part series on managing and analyzing data with SQL, Python and pandas. In our first post, we went into the differences, similarities, ...
Data Analytics

How To Read A SQL Query Into A Pandas Dataframe

There's no cookie-cutter way to choose metrics that will work for all startups. In fact, what the history shows us is that everybody who's tried to come up with a better ...
Being Data Driven

How To Coach Your Startup To Choose Better Metrics

As we speak the future of cloud computing is being duked out. Amazon and Google, as well as Microsoft, Snowflake, and a few others, offer multiple cloud solutions for ...

Redshift Vs. BigQuery: The Full Comparison

As an analyst, you probably spend a lot of your time creating dashboards and other reports to help your teams and Top Brass track metrics. And you probably spend at ...
Being Data Driven

KPIs, OKRs, OMTM: The History Of Modern Metrics & Why It Matters For Analysts

Recently, Panoply held a webinar with Nathan Patrick Taylor, the CIO of the Symphony Post Acute Network. The focus of the webinar was on what Nathan calls the ...
Data Warehousing

Webinar Recap: The Scalability Paradox With Nathan Patrick Taylor

You know the drill: Sometime in mid-December, a tsunami of planning will crash into your company as teams frantically scramble to figure out their initiatives and KPIs ...
Best Practices

How To Use Dashboards To Guide Your Startup's 2021 Planning

Here at Panoply, we’re obsessed with making it easy to sync, store, and access your data. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added yet another ...

Panoply + A Complete No-Code Analytics Solution

As today’s number one CRM platform, Salesforce provides support to a variety of business processes within companies. With that in mind, you can only imagine the huge ...
Data Analytics

Understanding The Salesforce Data Model For Analytics

MongoDB is fantastic...and challenging. This database is popular among developers due to its flexibility, but getting your data out of Mongo and into a BI tool isn’t a ...
Data Engineering

MongoDB Business Intelligence: Connector Challenges And Alternatives

Experienced data scientists and developers are spoilt for choice when it comes to data analytics tools. But for those who don't hail from a data-centric background, it ...
Data Technology

Top 5 Keboola Alternatives: Weighing Expertise And Ease Of Use

Data provides the foundation for innovation and enhanced efficiency. But anyone who's worked with it will tell you that it can be quite challenging. Without the ...
BI And Data Visualization

Top 5 Domo Alternatives: Capabilities And Usability Go Head-to-Head

If you're building a data warehouse, you need ETL to move data into that storage. To do that, you first extract data from an array of different sources. Then you apply ...

Top Python ETL Tools For 2021

Finding the right ETL tool for your business is essential. ETL pulls data out of a source (extract), makes changes according to requirements (transform), and then pushes ...

Top ETL Tools For 2021...And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL

SQL and pandas are both invaluable tools for any analyst or data scientist. They tend to be mentioned in the same breath when talking about data manipulation and ...
Data Analytics

SQL And Pandas: A Rosetta Stone For Analysts

We now generate more data in an hour than we did in an entire year just two decades ago. The same old tools simply don't cut it anymore. That's why Amazon came out ...
Data Warehousing

Top 5 Redshift Alternatives: Balancing Cost And Complexity

Five years ago, MongoDB detailed new enhancements that enabled it to work with standard relational reporting tools like Cognos, Tableau, and Business Objects. That's ...
Data Analytics

Top 8 MongoDB Analytics And Reporting Tools: SQL And NoSQL

The competition within the data analytics space is heating up, with all the players aim to make data collection and analysis more manageable. One of the leading ...

Top 5 BigQuery Alternatives: A Challenge Of Complexity

Data is the underlying force that drives modern marketing campaigns. But if you're an agency running multiple promotions across platforms, the data aggregation process ...

Top 5 Supermetrics Alternatives: Balancing Ease Of Use & Cost

“To buy or not to buy, that is the question.”

Build Or Buy ETL Tools: The Pros And Cons Of Building A Pipeline

You nailed your proof of concept project. Your initial group of users are happy, and they’re getting comfortable mining the first batch of data for insights that may ...
Best Practices

Deepening Your Approach To Data

Until recently, data warehouses were largely the domain of big business. With a data warehouse, you could consolidate and analyze vast amounts of information, deriving ...
Data Warehousing

Understanding Data Warehouse-as-a-Service Benefits Today And Tomorrow

When it comes to flavors of SQL, everyone’s got an opinion—and often a pretty strong one. While the SQL debates aren’t quite as intense as, say, the Python/R holy war in ...

Top 5 Microsoft SQL Server ETL Tools

In this unprecedented year, data analysts, engineers, and developers showed incredible adaptability and resilience. Companies that deployed robust cloud and data ...

Top 5 Etleap Alternatives: Weighing The Trade-offs Of Cost And Support

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