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The Role of Historical Data in a Data Warehouse, Insights and Strategies Historical data is a record of past events, transactions, and activities systematically captured ...
Being Data-Driven
The Role of Historical Data in a Data Warehouse: Insights and Strategies
Demystifying Cloud-Based Data Warehouses: Benefits and Considerations
Being Data-Driven
Demystifying Cloud-Based Data Warehouses: Benefits and Considerations
Exploring Five Great Alternatives to Looker and LookML
Looking at the Best Looker and LookerML Alternatives
Last month, VentureBeat published an article from our own Head of R&D, Dima Dobrinsky. In this piece, Dima discusses the AI tool boom and how businesses can ...
Panoply News
Around the World of AI with Panoply's Head of R&D
Nested Data Ingestion Methods
Being Data-Driven
Exploring Nested Data with Panoply
The holiday season is not just a time for festivities and joy, but also an incredibly lucrative period for businesses, especially e-commerce SMBs. To thrive in this ...
Empowering e-Commerce: Unwrap the Gift of Data Analysis this Holiday Season
Here's what SQream's new round of Series C funding means for you, our Panoply customers. This week, SQream announced that we’ve secured additional funding to drive ...
Panoply News
Panoply Gets an Investment Boost
How a data warehouse can help organizations democratize data
Data Warehousing
Democratize Your Data with a Data Warehouse
Do you have the data connector blues? Are you struggling with connecting problematic data sources to your data warehouse? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and it’s a ...
Data Management
Do You Have the Data Connector Blues?
NetSuite is Central to Your Business NetSuite is the heart of billing and operations for thousands of companies. Due to the platform’s size and complexity, however, it ...
Data Management
Step-by-Step: How to Get Your NetSuite Insights with Panoply
With more than 36,000 organizations as customers and a number one ranking for both billing software and cloud ERP tools, NetSuite helps businesses streamline and ...
Data Management
Get NetSuite Insights Without the Roadblocks
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps the most discussed (and debated) technology of the past year, and will likely only gain momentum. AI is a powerful tool for ...
Artificial Intelligence
How We Use AI in Panoply Research and Development
Artificial Intelligence
AI or not AI? This is the question.
At Panoply, we aim to be transparent with our customers and partners by frequently updating you on new features within the product that help you get your data faster.
New and Improved Data Engine Architecture
In today's modern business landscape, managing and analyzing vast amounts of data from various platforms and sources can be a daunting task. At Panoply, we understand ...
Panoply on Panoply - How We Leverage Our Own Platform
When setting up their data stack, businesses across industries have an important decision to make: whether to adopt an all-in-one data platform or rely on separate ...
Data Stack
The Benefits of an All-in-One Data Platform
As Google transitions from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on July 1, data ownership becomes a top concern for anyone using their platform. While ...
Data Management
The Importance of Data Ownership
Using Panoply for easy UA warehousing and report replication
Data Warehousing
Warehouse Your UA Data Without Missing a Beat
Power BI is a business analytics tool that packs a punch, revolutionizing the way companies analyze their data. It is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that ...
BI and Data Visualization
Power BI Best Practices
We’re excited to announce our new Flex Connector - the Panoply connector for any data source. While our native Snap Connectors let you connect to a wide variety of ...
Panoply News
Introducing the Panoply Flex Connector
Everyone’s talking about the benefits of a single source of truth for business data. They say a centralized hub helps you reduce manual tasks, get clearer insights for ...
Fun with Data
Why Shouldn't You Have a Single Source of Truth?
Being Data-Driven
Top 7 Marketing Dashboard KPIs
Are you using the Panoply platform and want faster insights into your data? Now you have them! Last week, our team released in-platform visualizations, and we’re pretty ...
Introducing Panoply Visualizations
In data analytics, ETL describes the process of extracting, transforming, and loading data to make it ready to use for a predefined task. Note that ELT (extract, load, ...
5 Steps of the ETL Process

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