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Panoply is now available on AWS Marketplace Panoply is an “Advanced Tier” AWS Partner and can now be easily purchased directly on the AWS Marketplace with simple, ...

Enhance Redshift With Panoply's Smart Data Warehouse

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Data: It's How Fresh Water Systems Gushes Success

Customer Spotlight: AgriWebb
Customer Stories

How Agri-Tech Startup AgriWebb Makes Data Work For Them

Why should people care about visualizing data? Visualizing data can lead to quicker and easier decision making because it allows the user to spot trends, outliers, and ...
Data Visualization

How To Build Visualizations In Tableau Optimally

Innovative Boulder agency re-invents itself with a data-driven approach
Customer Stories

Meet Room 214, The Data-Savvy Digital Marketing Agency

The ETL approach has been the traditional approach for data warehousing and analytics. ELT is the new kid on the block. Beyond the differences between ETL vs ELT, how ...
Data Warehousing

Improving And Shortening The ETL Process With ELT

Simply defined, a data warehouse is a system that pulls together data from many different sources within an organization. On top of this system, business users can ...
Data Warehousing

The Many Use-Cases Of A Data Warehouse

There is a misconception that you only need a data warehouse if you have huge amounts of data. This just isn’t true. Businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly from ...
Data Warehouse

How To Successfully Implement A Data Warehouse

I recently sat down with Aron Clymer to talk about his approach to architecting and building data stacks. Aron has built data analytics stacks and developed analytics ...
Data Stack

When It's Time To Build An Analytics Stack

The PostgreSQL database serves two roles in the Tableau ecosystem:

Tableau And PostgreSQL: Two Ways Of Working Together

Almost across the board, businesses are asking themselves. “How are we going to grow our business to the next stage?” No matter what industry you are in, using your ...
Being Data Driven

5 Opportunities To Scale Your Business With Data

Data has become the lifeblood of the business. To understand and utilize all this data, data warehouses have become an essential part of modern business. Today, we ...
Data Warehousing

Redshift Vs Snowflake: The Full Comparison

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve now gotten to the point of data visualization, but can you trust your results? We’ll look at some tips and strategies on how to avoid ...
Data Management

How To Avoid Fallacies In Data

Today we’re proud to announce a new feature that will enable teamwork within your organization. At Panoply, we believe in teamwork. When teams collaborate with one ...

Announcing The New Teams Functionality

Data mining is the process of deriving business insights from large or complex data sets, while data warehouses are typically the storage and processing infrastructure ...
Data Warehousing

How Your Data Warehouse Can Make Data Mining Easier And More Efficient

Data. It’s the word that that results in billion dollar valuations, that drives industries, that creates new revenue streams, and that has introduced a “New Economy” ...

Why ETL Software And Data Warehousing Are Foundational To Modern Analytics

In a world where data continues to grow, working with this critical business asset has become even more important. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2025, nearly 20% of the ...
BI And Data Visualization

Data Visualization 101: Understanding The Power Of Data And Dashboards

Massive upgrade to Panoply’s query optimization - prepare to be blown away by lightning fast query results As a data analyst, you’re all too familiar with how long ...

Query 100x Faster With Automated Query Materialization

So you’ve heard of a data warehouse, but now what? Do I need one? How can a data warehouse work for me and my business? We’ll look into the basics of a data warehouse, ...
Data Warehousing

What Is A Data Warehouse? A Tutorial For Beginners

With data flowing in from all directions, how are businesses to make sense of all of this information, let alone make meaningful decisions? This is where a having the ...
Analytics Leadership

How To Pick The Right BI Tool For Your Business

Rolls Royce is synonymous with power, reliability and dependability. What many may be surprised about, is that the engine manufacturer that powers some of the world’s ...

5 Essential ETL Tools Data Analysts Can't Live Without

Saucey is a convenient alcohol delivery app developed by three friends over lunch. The founders wondered why there was delivery available for everything - groceries, ...
Customer Stories

How Data Powers Saucey's Business From The Inside Out

Anybody who hangs out in IT or data science circles will invariably become familiar with the acronym GIGO. GIGO stands for “garbage in, garbage out” (or “good in, good ...
Data Collection

Less GIGO, More KNOW: Do's And Don't's In Data Collection And Distribution

Before we get into the power of data, it’s important to understand just how much data we’re creating. A recent report from Cisco indicates that globally, the data stored ...
Data Collection

Don’t Let Data Collect Digital Dust: Leverage The Power Of Information To Create Competitive Advantages

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