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Do you have the data connector blues? Are you struggling with connecting problematic data sources to your data warehouse? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and it’s a ...
Data Management
Do You Have the Data Connector Blues?
In today's modern business landscape, managing and analyzing vast amounts of data from various platforms and sources can be a daunting task. At Panoply, we understand ...
Panoply on Panoply - How We Leverage Our Own Platform
Using Panoply for easy UA warehousing and report replication
Data Warehousing
Warehouse Your UA Data Without Missing a Beat
Data Warehousing
Step By Step: Export Shopify Data Using Panoply
Moving your business from disparate data sources and ad hoc reporting to a single source of truth data warehouse solution is a sign of growth in the right direction.
Being Data-Driven
10 Questions to Help Define a Successful Data Warehouse Strategy
Data flows like never before, and with so much at our disposal, making the best use of it is a challenge. Many businesses use Google Sheets for everything from content ...
Data Warehousing
6 Use Cases for Connecting Google Sheets to Panoply
A recent IDC DataSphere forecast report predicts that the compound annual growth rate of global data creation and replication will reach 23% between 2020 and 2025.
Data Warehousing
10 Benefits and Use Cases for A Data Warehouse
Sometimes, the only thing standing between an analyst and a catastrophic management decision could be knowing the difference between the tables:
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse Naming Conventions Guide
The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a fairly new entrant into the universe of databases mainly optimized for reading operations. By structuring data in a rigid ...
Data Warehousing
What Does a Modern Data Warehouse Do?
One of the significant challenges in handling data comes from the massive amount of data your organization is most likely generating constantly. Having the ability to ...
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse Design: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Even the most potent database is still prone to the terrifying error any database system can face: query bottlenecks.
Data Warehousing
Redshift Query Queues: The Complete Guide
Google Cloud Platform has long been the cloud provider of choice for web analytics, with the impressive BigQuery being Google's massively parallel processing (MPP) ...
Data Warehousing
BigQuery Data Types Examined & Explained
A data warehouse aims to make sense of a specific subject over time by analyzing historical data. This system, also called the decision-making support system, can tackle ...
Data Warehousing
Incremental Loading: The Smarter Way to Update Data
Google BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse solution that aims to be cost-effective and highly scalable, allowing businesses to analyze large amounts of data with ...
Data Warehousing
9 Most Useful BigQuery SQL Functions for Efficency
Data Warehousing
How to Convert/Translate PostgreSQL Queries Into BigQuery SQL
Data warehouses are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses, nonprofits, and municipal organizations realize the value of storing their current and historic ...
Data Warehousing
Can PostgreSQL Work as a Data Warehouse?
Imagine that you are in a meeting with a potential investor, and they ask you for specific information about your company to help them decide whether to invest in your ...
Data Warehousing
7 Signs You Need a Data Warehouse
With companies of all sizes looking to gain value from their data, cloud data warehouses are all the rage. They’re a critical component of any modern data stack, as they ...
Data Warehousing
Snowflake Vs BigQuery: Comparing Pricing, Performance & More
You've been thinking for a while that it's time to level up your data solution. You could keep muddling by. But you're spending too much time grinding through individual ...
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse Selection Criteria: How To Choose the Right Storage
You want to get more out of your Salesforce data—and who doesn't? So it’s time to boot up your favorite BI tool, hook it up to Salesforce, and rock out. That's a fine ...
Data Management
Why You Absolutely Shouldn't Connect Salesforce Straight to a BI Tool
Although Snowflake hasn't generated $1b in annual revenues (yet), the company continues to hog the headlines for potentially delivering a historic payout to Silicon ...
Top 5 Snowflake Alternatives: Complexity and Costs Go Head-to-Head
Data has become the lifeblood of business and data warehouses are an essential part of that. But knowing which data warehouse makes sense for your business can be tricky.
Data Warehousing
Snowflake vs Redshift: Data Warehouse Comparison
As we speak the future of cloud computing is being duked out. Amazon and Google, as well as Microsoft, Snowflake, and a few others, offer multiple cloud solutions for ...
Data Warehousing
Redshift vs. BigQuery: The Full Comparison
Recently, Panoply held a webinar with Nathan Patrick Taylor, the CIO of the Symphony Post Acute Network. The focus of the webinar was on what Nathan calls the ...
Data Warehousing
Webinar Recap: The Scalability Paradox with Nathan Patrick Taylor
We now generate more data in an hour than we did in an entire year just two decades ago. The same old tools simply don't cut it anymore. That's why Amazon came out ...
Data Warehousing
Top 5 Redshift Alternatives: Balancing Cost and Complexity

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