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Cloud-based data warehouses are quickly replacing their on-premise counterparts, allowing organizations with big data needs to potentially save millions in costs. Amazon ...
Data Warehousing

Setting Up A Cloud Data Warehouse - A Schema To SQL Tutorial

Contemporary society generates, uses, and retains amounts of data that would be considered huge — if not unimaginable — by any earlier standard. Yet IDC expects the size ...
Data Warehousing

Dealing With Data: Key Data Warehouse Trends For 2019

Amazon Redshift is a massively popular data warehouse service that lives on their AWS platform, making it easy to set up and run a data warehouse. Redshift clusters can ...
Data Warehousing

Set Up Your First AWS Redshift Database: A Schema To SQL Tutorial

We’re always looking for great stories about how our customers are transforming and getting smart with data. Today we sit down with Nekotia Jones, Director of Client ...

Reducing Churn And Knowing Customers Through Data With XOi Technologies

The ETL approach has been the traditional approach for data warehousing and analytics. ELT is the new kid on the block. Beyond the differences between ETL vs ELT, how ...
Data Warehousing

Improving And Shortening The ETL Process With ELT

Simply defined, a data warehouse is a system that pulls together data from many different sources within an organization. On top of this system, business users can ...
Data Warehousing

The Many Use-Cases Of A Data Warehouse

The PostgreSQL database serves two roles in the Tableau ecosystem:

Tableau And PostgreSQL: Two Ways Of Working Together

Data has become the lifeblood of the business. To understand and utilize all this data, data warehouses have become an essential part of modern business. Today, we ...
AWS Redshift

Redshift Vs Snowflake: The Full Comparison

Data mining is the process of deriving business insights from large or complex data sets, while data warehouses are typically the storage and processing infrastructure ...
Data Warehousing

How Your Data Warehouse Can Make Data Mining Easier And More Efficient

Data. It’s the word that that results in billion dollar valuations, that drives industries, that creates new revenue streams, and that has introduced a “New Economy” ...
Data Warehousing

Why ETL Software And Data Warehousing Are Foundational To Modern Analytics

So you’ve heard of a data warehouse, but now what? Do I need one? How can a data warehouse work for me and my business? We’ll look into the basics of a data warehouse, ...
Data Warehousing

What Is A Data Warehouse? A Tutorial For Beginners

We’re really beginning to experience another industrial revolution. That is, we’re actively entering into the ‘Age of Data.’ As you look at your own life, business, and ...
Data Warehousing

Defining The Data Warehouse: Applications In The Real World

As a company formed by data engineers and analysts, we at Panoply love data in all its forms! But when you’re working with different types of data storage and processing ...
Data Warehousing

How To Tell The Difference Between A Database And A Data Warehouse

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) is a reality today. Increasing cloud usage, and new cloud services, mean you can set up big data infrastructure that just works—without ...
Data Warehousing

Big Data As A Service: IaaS, PaaS And SaaS

Just ten years ago, even the most advanced analytics professionals only had to manage a handful of data sources. But data volume, velocity, and variety are now ...
Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing Concepts: Everything You Need To Know In 4 Minutes

When defining your data warehouse strategy—or moving from on-premise to cloud—you’ve got lots of options. But your data warehouse is only as good as the strategy you use ...
Data Warehousing

10 Questions To Help Define A Successful Data Warehouse Strategy

Humans are visually-motivated. When we see a movie, we’re drawn to the most beautiful and exotic settings, the most striking and recognizable actors, the biggest ...
Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing Meet: Magic Ensues

Build vs. Buy—tale as old as time, song as old as…"I need that analysis yesterday!"
Data Warehousing

Cloud Data Warehouse Costs: A Build Vs. Buy Analysis

One of the biggest news items that came out of AWS re:invent 2017 was the announcement of Aurora Serverless. At first when we saw the news, we’re all 👏.
Data Warehousing

Panoply: Making Amazon Redshift Serverless Since 2015

As an analyst who deals with data from many data sources daily, you might find yourself as the go-to source for information about business intelligence in your office. ...
Data Warehousing

9 Things Your Boss Wants To Know About Data Warehousing

As we speak the future of cloud computing is being decided. Amazon and Google, as well as Microsoft, Snowflake, and a few others, offer multiple cloud solutions for ...
Data Warehousing

Redshift Vs. BigQuery: The Full Comparison

Amazon Redshift is a very powerful data warehouse, optimized for analyzing massive amounts of data in a blink of a second, when configured right.
Data Warehousing

Redshift Benchmark: A First Test Of The Entire Data Funnel

  Data analytics is a requirement for virtually every business today. However building an analytical data warehouse requires vast computing power to maintain performance ...
Data Warehousing

How To Move Your MySQL To Redshift

Data analytics allows organizations to gain insight into their business operations and find new ways to increase their revenue. However, the data sources used to provide ...
Data Warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing Vs Data Virtualization: The Battle

ed. note: The latest data warehouse trends report is now available. Download it today. re:Invent, Amazon Web Services' yearly conference for data scientists, analysts ...
Data Warehousing

Three Data Warehousing Trends From AWS Re:Invent 2017

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