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Data warehouses and data lakes are two different types of data storage repositories. Data warehouses integrate data from various sources and structures them for business ...
Data Warehousing

Key Differences Between A Data Warehouse And A Data Lake

Following the steady growth trajectory of customer onboarding, with a select-user rollout in late 2016 and a quiet launch in February 2017 that has ballooned to over 100 ...

Announcing General Availability On Data Warehouse In The Cloud

The future of any successful enterprise will hinge on its ability to harness and use massive amounts of data currently available, to improve productivity, decrease ...
Data Technology

Database Vs Data Warehouse - What's The Difference?

Is it easy to connect to a data warehouse? Selecting the right tool can help make this connection attainable. Tableau Desktop makes this connection easy, from opening ...
Data Warehousing

Connecting To Data Warehouses In Tableau

In the past, designing a data warehouse and data warehouse architecture has taken too long to complete. Executing numerous semi-automated steps results in a data ...
Data Warehousing

The Basics Of Automated Data Warehouse Lifecycle Management

I gotta hand it to Oracle and Larry Ellison, the guy knows how to put on a show! They also know how to do business. When they announced their quarter highlights on ...
Data Warehousing

The Power Struggle In The Cloud DB War Just Shifted To A New Paradigm (and Not Everybody Knows It)

There’s no question that the cloud offers many potential benefits. Major companies everywhere are lining up to reap the benefits by moving their back-office systems to ...
Data Warehousing

Enterprises Eye Big Benefits From Cloud Data Warehouses

It is an exciting time for cloud data warehousing with significant disruptions expected throughout 2017. As Gartner, in March 2016, showed, warehousing enterprises ...
Data Warehousing

Cloud Data Warehousing Trends 2017

I loved this line from an article I recently stumbled upon:  “Choosing between the different types of data warehouse platforms can be simplified once you know which ...
Data Warehousing

Which Type Of Data Warehouse Is Right For You?

Amazon re:Invent is a great place to gather feedback from industry professionals, and especially gauge cloud-industry trends. This past year, we used the opportunity to ...
Data Warehousing

Future Of Data Warehousing Is Cloud: This 2017 Survey Proves It

The premise that to build a perfect data warehouse you must have perfect business understanding is simply irrelevant. We must look to technology to empower us to keep ...
Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Automation. A Question Of When Not If

This is the second part in a 101 series covering Big Data concepts, terminology and technology.
Data Warehousing

How Data Structures Impact The Data Warehouse

This is the first part in a 101 series covering Big Data concepts, terminology and technology. Starting with the data warehouse and data warehouse concepts.
Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse What?

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