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“When you become an effective evangelist, you don’t just promote your organization—you set an example for other employees. You show that you are a passionate, engaged ...
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Data Evangelism: Not Just A Leap Of Faith

Facebook began as a dorm-room startup, and now the social platform dominates our culture. Few could have predicted that Facebook would become such a fixture of our ...
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Top Eight Facebook Analytics Tools

We know that many in the data analyst and data decision making world are often teams of one. There might be one data analyst in a company, even an SMB or large company, ...
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Surviving And Thriving As Data Team Of One

We are creating so much data. In fact, a recent Cisco report indicates that by 2021, data center storage installed capacity will grow to 2.6 ZB, up from 663 EB in 2016, ...
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How AI Can Be Big Data's Best Friend

When defining your data warehouse strategy—or moving from on-premise to cloud—you’ve got lots of options. But your data warehouse is only as good as the strategy you use ...
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10 Questions To Help Define A Successful Data Warehouse Strategy

Both business and tech analysts agree that a capacity for advanced analytics is becoming mission-critical to the basic viability for all companies. While some believe ...
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Becoming An Analytics Driven Organization: Challenge Accepted

Build vs. Buy—tale as old as time, song as old as…"I need that analysis yesterday!"
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Cloud Data Warehouse Costs: A Build Vs. Buy Analysis

International Women's Day is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic ...
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Women Who Kick @$$ In Data Analysis, Science And Engineering

As an analyst who deals with data from many data sources daily, you might find yourself as the go-to source for information about business intelligence in your office. ...
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9 Things Your Boss Wants To Know About Data Warehousing

As your organization moves its data into the cloud, you face the challenge of balancing productivity and efficiency gains with tremendous compliance and security ...
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Cloud Security Best Practices

TL;DR -- whether you were there or not, these interesting tweets provide food for thought until #Data18.
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Top Tweets From Tableau Conference, #Data17

If you ask a group of big data analysts what are some of the top professional challenges they face, you can easily imagine which challenges are consistently shortlisted. ...
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How To Get People To Share Data

Are you considering a career as a BI Architect? You have made an excellent choice. Business Intelligence Architects are some of the leading minds in business and ...
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Business Intelligence Architect: Defining The Role

Long before there was big data, there were computing solutions designed to store, organize, and analyze data. But just like the job of a big data architect, it's both ...
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Selecting A Big Data Solution: Top 10 Questions To Ask

In today’s fast-paced competitive market, there are critical advantages to utilizing infrastructure-as-a-service, especially for businesses concerned about fast-tracking ...
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The Rise Of Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

For many organizations, their ability to collect data has long surpassed their ability to organize it quickly enough for analysis. As companies of all sizes are ...
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The Importance Of AI, Machine Learning And NLP For Analytics

We often come across new products aiming to help us with our lives or improve our productivity. It’s in our best interests to find the best products that will minimize ...
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Data Tools: How To Ace Product Evaluation

Businesses need to deliver insights fast if not immediately. If this were not true, we would not be writing this post, you wouldn’t be reading it and over all, big data ...
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