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Now Available in Panoply: Faster, More Transparent Data

Pressed by the end-of-year holiday rush, we all feel the pain of trying to do more. To help you get some time back, we've made our data warehouse even smarter—which means faster and more....

Written by Elena Levi |December 14, 2017

Data Industry and Trends Product

Panoply, Stitch and Chartio Partner to Offer the World’s First Automatic Cloud Data Stack

Panoply, Stitch and Chartio today announced the availability of the world’s first Automatic Cloud Data Stack. The combined offering enables data analysts and business users to connect to disparate....

Written by Yaniv Leven |December 05, 2017


Announcing General Availability on Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Following the steady growth trajectory of customer onboarding, with a select-user rollout in late 2016 and a quiet launch in February 2017 that has ballooned to over 100 active customers to date,....

Written by Paul Friesen |November 14, 2017

Product Data Technology

Introducing Panoply Multi Zone Redshift Service

Today’s considered data management best practices, advocate building resilient architectures that span multiple data centers, regions or even continents.

Written by Roi Avinoam |March 02, 2017

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PGproxy: Smart Database Load Balancing and Query Routing

A smart, proactive PostgreSQL connection pooler, we are proud to announce our PGproxy offers the advantages of query routing and rewriting, making it optimal for data engineers who need to query....

Written by Roi Avinoam |January 02, 2017

Being Data Driven Product

Introducing’s Upsert Mechanism

One of the most critical issue in data warehouse management is avoiding duplications. When you are periodically loading data into your data warehouse you will want to skip the rows that have been....

Written by Alon Brody |March 28, 2016