Usage Reports: Get the Data on Your Data

We’ve developed a way to make the platform even better for our data-loving customers: let’s talk about usage reports - the data on your data! 

In the past, Panoply users didn’t have visibility into their usage compared to their tier’s quota, and couldn’t track their queries and monthly usage. They could see rows scanned and extracted, storage, and query bytes, but there was no way to understand how much they used the platform through previous months..

Without comprehensive reporting, how do you know if you’re coming up to quota? Maybe you’ve been cautious the past few months to stay under, but actually had more wiggle room than you thought. Imagine all the underutilized capacity and extra processing your team could perform. With the usage reporting feature, you’ll know whether you’re getting the most from your tier, or should assess whether a different tier would be a better fit. If usage is right up against quota every month, your team might be holding back from processing all the data they need - this is a clear use case for moving to the next tier. No more scrambling to come up under quota.

ezgif-2-0562b4f5fa-1In addition to understanding usage status and utilization, this update will help your team save time by not having to reach out to Panoply customer success each time you need to view metrics.

Before the update, low usage visibility meant users really didn’t have a reason to log into the platform - we built Panoply to be interactive and deliver a positive user experience, so we want customers to have a reason to log in.

The future of usage reporting looks much different. We made updates to make the homepage more helpful and interactive, and now each user can see exactly how they’re using their monthly data quota. Future reporting expansions include more key metrics like:


  • Number of queries, most used tables, query cost

Data source usage and breakdown

User metrics

  • Who logged in when, and who ran which query?
Query log and control
  • See who ran what, when did they run it, and what was the cost?
  • Get a view into all queries, and have the ability to cancel

Additional capabilities for data engineers

  • Get more control over usage, users, and data sources

A great thing about Panoply is that you don’t have to be an engineer to use it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be engineer-friendly, though, and one goal of these updates is to make the platform enjoyable for non-data engineers and engineers alike. 

We’ll continue to develop this feature throughout the year, but we’re excited for our customer teams to get more comprehensive visibility into their usage reporting.

Here's our Head of Product Alon Brody discussing usage reporting: 


Keep an eye out for related product updates, and let us know if you have questions for the team. 

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