Now Available: YouTube Data In Panoply

Take 1, take 2, take Panoply! YouTube analytics is now integrated with Panoply

YouTube is a household name for consumers and businesses alike, used by over 1.5 billion people across the globe in over 75 languages, reaching more adults 18-49 than any broadcast or TV channel.

Both B2B and B2C marketers and advertisers use YouTube to raise awareness of their products and services. It’s usually part and parcel of company’s social marketing mix that helps them reach their target audience. Marketers and digital marketing agencies often use multiple channels in their mixed marketing campaigns.

As you probably know, each media channel has its own analytics dashboard and getting all the campaign metrics from combinations of disparate sources from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels can be challenging to say the least. So how do smart, data-driven marketers get all their campaign data analytics in one place for easy querying or visualization? (Hint: NOT spreadsheets.) With Panoply, of course!

Panoply puts YouTube and all other marketing data into one place

YouTube analytics is now available as a native data connection in Panoply’s smart cloud data warehouse. The new YouTube connector empowers digital marketers to easily add and combine YouTube analytics data such as Playlist Reports and Video Reports. The schema for these sources contains valuable information like playback locations, traffic sources, device type, user activity, and more. Panoply automatically adds YouTube data into its data analytics stack in just minutes, where you can then combine it with any marketing analytics data sources you need. Panoply instantly transforms all this data into clean table views that you can immediately query with Panoply’s standard SQL workbench. What’s more, thanks to Panoply, you can seamlessly connect all your data to any BI tool to visualize and share the campaign analytics across your business. What this means, for example, is that you can trace video views across all your marketing campaign channels and even combine it with ecommerce data or CRM data in one place to query and get a better understanding of which channel brings in the most conversions or sales.

Digital Marketing Data

Panoply lets you add not just YouTube data, but any and all types of data; such as data from Twitter (paid and organic), Google Analytics, Hubspot, Facebook (paid and organic) and more; can be added and combined into Panoply. This means you can add all your social media, search, and display ad metrics and combine it with any other data, such as e-commerce, product analytics or CRM data. In only minutes, you’ll have all your data in one place, giving you a comprehensive view of your analytics to gain actionable insights in near real-time. Whether a startup or enterprise, Panoply is a game changer for anyone working with digital marketing operations, campaign data and ad metrics.

Why you need a smart data stack for your digital marketing analytics:

  • Revolutionize how you you collect and analyze campaign data to get lightning fast insights from your reporting dashboards. Read how our customer, Room 214, did exactly that when the used Panoply.
  • Learn more about how a data analytics stack can make digital marketing, ad metrics collection and analysis so fast and simple that anyone can do it.
  • Watch our short explainer video to learn how you can easily pull your marketing-related data in just a few clicks into Panoply’s data analytics stack.
  • Get access to Panoply’s data source integrations and BI tools connectors.
  • Try Panoply for free (no credit card required), and see how easy it is to pull and combine marketing campaign and other data sources in one place.


Set up Panoply now and get an end-to-end data analytics stack solution.



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