Smile! Instagram analytics is now integrated with Panoply

Instagram data is now available as a native data source connection in Panoply! Our new built-in Instagram connector empowers digital marketers to easily add and combine the following Instagram data: user, media, and comments.

Not only is the data instantly transformed into clean table views that you can query with Panoply’s standard SQL workbench, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your data to any BI tool to visualize and share the data analytics across your business.

How to connect Panoply to Instagram

You'll now see the Instagram data source in your list of available data sources in Panoply’s web app interface. Like any native data source within Panoply, set up is simple and done in just a few clicks, which you can do on your own without help from IT or engineering. Just provide your credentials and tell us what available data you want to pull from Instagram. Then just hit collect!

For information on how to add Instagram data into Panoply, see our Docs.

Digital marketing analytics

Panoply lets you add not just Instagram data, but any and all types of data can be added and combined into Panoply’s cloud data warehouse. This means you can add all your social media, search, and display ad metrics with any other data, such as ecommerce, product analytics or CRM data. In only minutes, you’ll have all your data in one place, giving you a comprehensive view of your data to gain actionable insights in near real-time. Whether a startup or enterprise, Panoply is a game changer for anyone working with marketing operations, campaign data and ad metrics.

Why you need a smart data stack for digital marketing analytics:

  • Read how our customer, Room 214, a data savvy digital marketing agency used Panoply to revolutionize how they collect and analyze campaign data for their clients.

  • Learn more about how Panoply has made digital marketing, ad metrics collection and analysis so fast and simple that anyone can do it.

  • Search all of our data source integrations and BI tools connectors.

  • Try Panoply for a 14 day trial - for free (no credit card required), and see how easy it is to pull and combine Instagram and other data sources into one data warehouse.

Get a free consultation with a data architect to see how to build a data warehouse in minutes.
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