Panoply’s Product Roadmap - Q3 2021

When you love a piece of software the way our users love Panoply, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out what new features are on the roadmap. 

We’ve been watching user videos, meeting with customers, and doing a ton of internal planning to build out a list of upcoming launches. Here’s a taste of what’s coming your way this quarter:

Let’s dig in!

Business ready data

Let’s be real: the best part of working with your data is finding insights. That’s why we’re working to make querying faster and easier with pre-built views and SQL queries.

If you read our recent post on using SQL with HubSpot, you’ve already seen some of these queries in action. (We’re sneaky like that.) Along with HubSpot, we'll be building out queries for Salesforce, Facebook Ads, and Stripe.

But the best part is that you won’t have to copy and paste all that SQL: This new feature will make those views and queries available right in Panoply.

Plus, you can easily customize—and save!—these queries to get exactly the info you need and pass it to your BI tools or dashboards for the whole team to use.

New and upgraded data sources

We’ve got a couple of new data sources coming your way this quarter: NetSuite and QuickBooks. These are two of the integrations that our customers request the most, so we’re excited to see them go live.

With our new NetSuite data source, you’ll be able to better track your accounts, customers, inventory, transactions, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to combine NetSuite data with other sources and pipe it into your BI or analytical tools for deeper analysis or centralized sharing. 

If you’ve ever worked with a Finance team that’s reluctant to share QuickBooks access, you know why this data source is so important. Instead of working directly in QB, you can sync the data into Panoply and work with it in our built-in workbench or a BI tool to get all the transparency you need without worrying who might be touching your books.

Finally, HubSpot is a key data source for many of our customers, so we’re enhancing our integration to deliver even more data and better performance. 

Improved incremental loading

If kill-and-fill loading hurts your soul a little, we’ve got you covered. Later this quarter, we’ll be introducing improved incremental loading for DynamoDB and MS SQL Server.

Instead of manually identifying an incremental key during setup, we’ll be able to read your database’s logs to figure out when the last update ran so we can sync new and updated data while leaving the old stuff untouched. 

The upside? Faster data syncing and lower costs, as you’ll be pulling over less data and keeping your rows scanned to a minimum.

A new approach to nested data

Coming early in Q4, we’ll offer Panoply on Google Cloud BigQuery users a new way to handle nested data. 

Currently, Panoply flattens nested data into subtables. But our customers have told us that they’d prefer more control over that process, and we’re happy to oblige. 

With our new approach, we'll default to leaving nested data in the parent table. As a result, your Panoply tables will more closely mirror those of your original data source. 

And, of course, if you prefer your data unnested (or otherwise transformed), you can always create a SQL view that puts every data point exactly where you want it.


We'll follow up with more details when we actually launch these features, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or want more information!

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