Panoply's New Data Ingestion Engine

Panoply's new Data Ingestion Engine boosts performance and takes data reliability to the next level

Panoply is proud to announce the availability of its new data ingestion engine. After two years of successful results, garnering praise from customers and industry analysts alike, Panoply is launching an upgrade to our Data Ingestion Engine. The Data Ingestion Engine is part of Panoply’s patent-pending data management AI, which runs our built-in data ingestion process (see: ETL vs ELT) for data sources connected to Panoply. With the new Data Ingestion Engine we’ve improved both the stability and performance of data transformation for Panoply’s smart data warehouse -- and we made data ingestion up to 3x faster!

"The Data Ingestion Engine is a cornerstone of Panoply's built-in ETL. We’re constantly working on upgrades to ensure our clients continue to receive a smooth data ingestion experience as we continue to enhance reliability and performance."
- Roi Avinoam, Panoply Co-Founder and CTO

What does the Data Ingestion Engine mean for your business? - An even smarter data warehouse

Using the new Data Ingestion Engine means even more successful - and faster, data source ingestions, resulting in overall quicker time to actionable insights. In short, your data pipeline will run even faster, getting you to business insights with lightning speed. This means all the teams and various lines of business at your company that rely on fresh and accurate data will continue to get the latest, most accurate data they need for their business decisions, but faster.

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The latest version of the Data Ingestion Engine is available for the majority of Panoply's built-in data sources. If you are a recent customer you are already using the new engine! If you are considering Panoply you can start using Panoply for 14 days for free here (no credit card required) or reach out to our Data Architects for a customized demo.

Please Note: existing customers’ data sources will continue using the current Data Ingestion Engine. Please contact a Panoply Data Architect at to migrate your existing data sources with the new Data Ingestion Engine if you wish to do so. You can also post any questions you may have on our Community Forum.

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