Updated Product Feature: Value Dashboard


Know the progress of your data ingestions and query status

Based on feedback from our users, we redesigned Panoply’s main dashboard to give you more transparency into your data. With this dashboard, it will be easier to view the status of your data sources and query times.


See the status of your data sources

Because Panoply is your single source of truth for all your data, we want to be sure you’re never using stale data. The new dashboard offers a snapshot of your native Panoply data sources. The snapshot shows the status of data sources as of their last scheduled collection. This identifies each data collection as currently successful or currently failing, making sure you have one single source of truth for your data.


See how fast Panoply processes your queries (hint: it’s fast!)

The dashboard will also show you how fast Panoply has processed your queries within the last seven days. This way you’ll be able to track all the queries as they are being processed by Panoply.


Know how much storage you have left

There is now a simple visual way to see storage consumption and the storage remaining. You’ll see a progress bar showing how much space remains in your data warehouse as of the current moment in time. Remember, storage consumption can vary day to day because of optimizations. To learn more, or should you need additional storage, contact support@panoply.io or reach us through chat inside the Panoply platform.


Learn how to get the most out of Panoply and its features from our Blog

We now share Produce News right in the dashboard so you can always be up to date on the latest product updates and announcements. You can explore the blog posts right from your dashboard to learn more and of course you can always visit our Blog directly. We’ve included valuable information for you about data warehouses, analytics, and other related topics.

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