Social Ad Managers: Introducing Our LinkedIn Ads Data Source And Updates To Twitter Ads

If you’re in the marketing and data circles, keeping tabs on your social media ads performance is constantly at the forefront of your mind. This is why we’ve built native data source connectors to most major social media properties and their ads platforms.

Today we’re happy to announce a new data source with LinkedIn Ads and refinements to our Twitter Ads data source.

Introducing a new data source: LinkedIn Ads!

LinkedIn Ads are new to Panoply and enable marketing managers to track performance on ads on the world’s most-used professional and career-focused social network.

Our new LinkedIn Ads data source provides key insights on performance such as clicks, impressions, ad spend, and demographic information such as metrics by demographic values at the account, campaign, and creative levels.

These ads insights will help the users make the most of their LinkedIn ads experience and ensure that their campaigns are performing effectively.

We asked Panoply customer Max Morganfeld, Data Analyst at Room 214 about his company's use of LinkedIn insights in Panoply and Morganfeld said, "The addition of LinkedIn within Panoply has helped Room 214 get a more holistic view of LinkedIn Ads performance, with the ability to access and display multiple views of performance including demographics and creative attributes. It's great for obtaining a deeper understanding of how your brand's activity on LinkedIn is paying off."

Our LinkedIn Ads data source is released in Beta and full documentation and usage instructions are available now.

Changes to Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads have been in Panoply for some time now - and we’re constantly looking to ensure our data sources are up to date and most relevant for our uses.

Today, we’re happy to announce the ability for Panoply customers to select which resources you collect from Twitter into your Panoply data warehouse. Also, we’ve ensured compliance with version 5.0 of the Twitter Ads API. Both of these changes do not effect existing users of our Twitter Ads data source.

We’re thrilled to offer these two new data source updates for Panoply customers for your analysis and insights from your social media ads performance.

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