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Customer Spotlight: AgriWebb
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How Agri-Tech Startup AgriWebb Makes Data Work For Them

Innovative Boulder agency re-invents itself with a data-driven approach
Customer Stories

Meet Room 214, The Data-Savvy Digital Marketing Agency

So you’ve heard of a data warehouse, but now what? Do I need one? How can a data warehouse work for me and my business? We’ll look into the basics of a data warehouse, ...
Data Warehousing

What Is A Data Warehouse? A Tutorial For Beginners

With data flowing in from all directions, how are businesses to make sense of all of this information, let alone make meaningful decisions? This is where a having the ...
Analytics Leadership

How To Pick The Right BI Tool For Your Business

Saucey is a convenient alcohol delivery app developed by three friends over lunch. The founders wondered why there was delivery available for everything - groceries, ...
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How Data Powers Saucey's Business From The Inside Out

Today's customer spotlight highlights Resuelve, a Mexican consumer credit agency. There, the engineering and data team, led by José Akle, is using data science to model ...
Customer Stories

Powered By Data, Resuelve Is Inventively Qualifying Leads Using Panoply

We’re thrilled to be included as a recommended solution in Gartner’s latest report titled Hype Cycle for Data Science and Machine Learning. Focused on innovation and ...

Panoply Featured In Gartner Hype Cycle Report

Shinesty is among the quirkiest brands on the web. The company sells clothing, costumes and general fun for those who want to stand out at a party. One look at their ...

Why Shinesty Chose Panoply: Ease Of Use And Speed To Insights is the premier destination for news and analysis on all things racing. From IndyCar to Formula 1 to NASCAR, covers racing by operating more ...
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Becoming Data-Driven With Self-Serve Analytics At

Meet Justin Mulvaney, he’s the data analyst at Spacious, a company based in New York City. We recently sat down with Justin to talk about his background, how he serves ...
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How Justin Mulvaney At Spacious Saves Time With Panoply

We’re making a new resource available to Panoply customers and users. We call it our Community, and one click over there and you’ll see it is a forum. To break down the ...

Stay Informed In The Panoply Community

One of the biggest news items that came out of AWS re:invent 2017 was the announcement of Aurora Serverless. At first when we saw the news, we’re all 👏.

Panoply: Making Amazon Redshift Serverless Since 2015

Like most data teams, Kimberly Clark’s EMEA Omnichannel team has results, insights and findings to deliver to dozens of stakeholders. The team also has data scattered ...
Customer Stories

How Helena Carre Of Kimberly Clark Uses Panoply

Three days, over ten thousand attendees, forty hours of content and at least five things happening at once. Welcome to SaaStr Annual! We've been scouring the official ...
Data Industry Trends

How To Rock SaaStr Annual And SF Like A Pro (Also: #DataParty!)

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