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Jason Harris

Jason is Panoply's Evangelist
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Recent Posts


Panoply: Making Amazon Redshift Serverless Since 2015

One of the biggest news items that came out of AWS re:invent 2017 was the announcement of Aurora Serverless. At first when we saw the news, we we’re all 👏.

Written by Jason Harris |March 19, 2018

Customer Stories

How Helena Carre of Kimberly Clark Uses Panoply

Like most data teams, Kimberly Clark’s EMEA Omnichannel team has results, insights and findings to deliver to dozens of stakeholders. The team also has data scattered across databases, cloud....

Written by Jason Harris |January 24, 2018

Data Industry and Trends

How to Rock SaaStr Annual and SF Like A Pro (Also: #DataParty!)

Three days, over ten thousand attendees, forty hours of content and at least five things happening at once. Welcome to SaaStr Annual! We've been scouring the official schedule for the coolest....

Written by Jason Harris |January 24, 2018