Follow The Data: The Top Instagram Analytics Tools


One billion people use Instagram every month. 4.2 billion likes each day—to be exact. With over 25 million businesses using Instagram, the competition is fierce for all that attention.

For brands trying to grow this year, Instagram analytics tools have become essential. There’s a dizzying amount of options available, ranging from Instagram’s free tool to advanced analytics platforms with thousand-dollar price tags.

Many of these analytics platforms have basic Instagram stats like growth, reach, engagement, and audience demographics. However, the prices climb if you want customized reports, sophisticated metrics, and all-in-one dashboards.

We did some digging and assessed the tools available for Instagram analytics and decision-driving insights.

These are the top Instagram analytics tools for businesses looking to take their Instagram game to the next level.


1. Instagram Insights

2. Later

3. Panoply

4. Iconosquare

5. Hootsuite

6. Keyhole

7. Zoho Social

8. Social Report

9. Sprout Social

10. Socialbakers

11. Quintly

12. Brandwatch


Note: Tools are listed by starting price according to the company’s website. User reviews were collected from

1. Instagram Insights

Free, Easy, and Basic

Instagram’s native (free) analytics tool is a solid first option if you don’t want to pay for advanced reports or don’t know what you need yet.

Quickly see impressions, reach, and engagement for your recent posts and stories. Also, discover what content snags the most significant amount of profile views, website clicks, and follows.

Get to know your audience at a glance with necessary data on demographics, geography, and times your followers are most active, so you know the best times to post.

What users say: Basic and helpful. Limited date range to analyze your Instagram stories.

Summary: Instagram Insights is an easy-to-use tool that any business account user should know. It can help you decide the types of data and reports you need as you start looking for more advanced, paid options. Free.

2. Later

Entry-level Analytics with Scheduler

Later is a favorite Instagram scheduler that also offers basic Instagram analytics.

Its reports are easy to view but cannot be customized. You can view your growth over time, your most engaged hashtags and discover the best times to post.

With Later, social media managers can export existing reports and change date ranges. However, don’t expect a ton of flexibility with metrics or manipulating data.

Later offers three months of Instagram stories analytics, which is much more than Instagram Insights, if analyzing stories is important to you.

What users say: Basic and entry-level. Instagram story and hashtag analytics go beyond what Instagram Insights can do.

Summary: A good choice if you want a low-cost analytics tool that offers content scheduling and basic hashtag analysis. Later is free, with more robust analytics plans starting at $9/month. This is a great entry-level tool for a startup or small-medium business.

3. Panoply

Sophisticated Social Media Marketing

A data warehouse is the most powerful way to analyze social data. Panoply’s cloud data warehouse brings together multiple data sources without any coding, including Instagram analytics.

With Panoply, social media analysts can view their Instagram insights like never before. See how filters affect engagement, which hashtags drive the most visibility, and even mix and match data sources. Your marketers and analysts will be able to track the full customer journey from Instagram all the way through to your website.

What Users Say: A sophisticated Instagram analysis tool that gives your social media team superpowers.

Summary: Social media marketing is becoming more data-driven every week. For companies focused on the future, a data warehouse like Panoply is the best choice. Plans start at $325/month.

4. Iconosquare

Cost-Effective Analytics with Extras

Iconosquare offers basic Instagram analytics like Later, but you’ll also see how frequently your brand is mentioned thanks to its social listening feature.

Iconosquare offers customizable dashboards too, so you can see exactly the data that matters.This could be particularly useful and efficient for time-strapped digital marketing managers.

You can view your posts in real time with Iconosquare and understand when your audience is online, and see the detailed impact your Instagram stories are having.

Iconosquare also provides hashtag tracking which is a major value-add. The tool proactively provides suggestions for improving reach. Also, Iconosquare provides detailed audience demographics and competitor analysis helps social media marketers quickly compare growth and set goals. This level of analysis would help to uplevel a brand with an existing followership.

We were also impressed with the feature that enables scheduling and exporting of presentation-ready reports. Great for keeping stakeholders aware and involved.

What users say: They like the hashtag discovery, the influencer and competitor analysis, and knowing when to post. Its out-of-the-box reports are basic but effective, and it’s unique that the mobile app includes analytics.

Summary: Iconosquare is a light but strong competitor with other (pricier) analytics tools that also offer Instagram publishing and community management. Price starts at $29/month with a 14-day free trial.

5. Hootsuite

Tried and True Instagram Champ

Hootsuite is the main name in social media analytics.

With 16+ million users and a portfolio that reportedly includes 800 companies of the Fortune 1000, it’s the big platform (along with Sprout Social) on the block.

Hootsuite connects with 35+ social media networks and integrates with 200+ business applications, including KAWO, Talkwalker, Unmetric and even Brandwatch (mentioned later).

Hootsuite has all the standard Instagram analytics reports you’d expect. You’ll see overall growth, average engagement, and even sentiment analysis. But you can further customize the data with over 200+ additional metrics across multiple channels and campaigns.

What users say: Rather surprisingly, despite the great analytics, some say Hootsuite feels clunky and dated compared to other tools offering similar reporting. Adding metrics can also sometimes be expensive.

Summary: One of the most trusted Instagram analytics tools out there. Hootsuite has the reports and features that justify its popularity if you don’t mind its user interface. Starting at $29/month and a 30-day trial.

6. Keyhole

Beautiful Dashboards

Known for its hashtag tracking and engagement reports, Keyhole offers social media managers powerful all-in-one dashboards that integrate Instagram analytics with their other social media accounts.

Hashtag analytics are Keyhole’s main feature. But it also offers sentiment analysis so you can understand your audience’s emotions about specific topics.

You can identify your most engaged hashtags and easily compare them to your competitors.

Like other services, Keyhole offers the best times to post, follower growth, and engagement rates. You can also share these reports directly with your clients and team.

Keyhole does social listening too so you can analyze the volume of branded keywords and mentions during specific campaigns and promotions.

What users say: They like Keyhole’s interface, especially the robust, gorgeous dashboards and excellent customer service.

Summary: If you’re looking for hashtag tracking, engagement reports and some added social listening with all-in-one dashboards, consider Keyhole as a strong option. Starting at $44/month and a 7-day trial.

7. Zoho Social

Popular Instagram Scheduler Great for Agencies

Zoho Social boasts 40+ million users and is known for its scheduling and social listening tools, but also helpful and relevant Instagram analytics reports.

An alternative to Hootsuite and Sprout Social, Zoho Social’s pricing plan may be its most effective draw. You pay by brand, not each individual social profile.

For this reason, it’s better for social media management agencies handling multiple brands who are looking for team management tools, social listening, analytics, and custom dashboards all in one place.

What users say: They love Zoho Social’s design and navigation, and that it boasts easier to read dashboards than Hootsuite. Some report that its pricing is also more transparent than other tools out there.

Summary: Cheaper, all-in-one alternative to Hootsuite with less advanced reporting. Starting at $11/month

8. Social Report

Popular Hootsuite Alternative

Hootsuite has many competitors, and Social Report is one of the best rated.

The tool has gained traction and new devotees lately. Social Report offers publishing, community and team management - valuable for agencies. It has custom reporting which is important for clients with differing KPI’s.

Social Report gives you all the Instagram analytics you’d expect plus the added benefit of affordable social listening for mentions of your brand. Social listening is often cost-prohibitive for startups and small businesses.

Location-specific monitoring can help you see the effect tagging locations has on engagement. For companies that do mostly local business, this could be the defining feature. Also, keyword and hashtag tracking along with detailed demographics helps brands optimize content for specific follower segments.

The platform offers dashboard customization which is an amazing relief to digital marketing managers. It also provides insight into how growth on Instagram influences other social media accounts being managed.

Standard and custom reports are exportable in every major format. You can schedule and deliver them easily and directly to your clients.

What users say: Many switched over from other tools like Hootsuite because the reporting functionality is better with Social Report. They also liked the ability to connect ads managers, campaigns and easily view ROI.

Summary: A reliable all-in-one alternative to Hootsuite. Many social media managers and agencies choose Social Report for its powerful and easy-to-share reports. Standard plans start at $49/month with a 30-day free trial.

9. Sprout Social

Powerful All-In-One

Sprout Social is universally popular for small brands to large enterprises. It’s targeted at social media managers who need to create custom reports and manage several accounts with an all-in-one solution.

Sprout has all the expected Instagram reports and data like keyword tracking, top posts, best hashtags, audience engagement graphs, and demographics.

What’s more sophisticated is that you can set goals against your competitors and compare their growth and engagement to your own. This information can really help orient C-level stakeholders as to how your social media efforts really stack up against the competition. Sprout also has custom reports that rival most other tools.

If you handle multiple social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can view reports all in one place without having to switch to each account. This is so valuable for B2B companies needing streamlined marketing systems. Also, you can export each in a variety of formats including PDF, PPT, and CSV.

What users say: They like the custom analytics and reporting, although there’s a learning curve. Having an all-in-one solution that also does publishing, team management, and powerful analytics is a win for many who use it.

Summary: Sprout Social is a robust and popular choice for dedicated social media managers who have the know-how and time to utilize all of its features. Starting at $99/month and a 30-day trial.

10. Socialbakers

Get to Know Your Audience

Reportedly the 1st marketing solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Socialbakers helps you get inside your customers’ heads and understand what they like.

Their most unique feature is what they call “Persona mapping.” Their AI tools help you effectively target your audience by giving you an in-depth summary of who they are and what their interests are.

Socialbakers also gives you more in-depth content analysis than most other Instagram analytics tools.

Using rule-based labels, you can categorize and tag your content for more in-depth measurements and reporting.

Analytics on ad performance, ROI and competitor tracking help you understand the impact your campaigns are having in your specific market.

Socialbakers also offers suggestions (like best times to post) to improve your reach and engagement.

What users say: They like the audience analytics, and the custom, easy-to-export reports they can share directly with their clients.

Summary: Unique analytics to understand your audience, while still offering the custom reports, community management, and social listening you’d expect from an all-in-one solution. Starting at $200/month and 14-day trial.

11. Quintly

Advanced KPIs and Datasets

Quintly is popular among companies that require advanced, custom analytics across all their social media accounts. Usually profiles with tens of thousands of followers and beyond.

With Quintly, it’s all about the data — not scheduling or community management.

This tool’s features include tracking competitors, followers, impressions, reach, Instagram stories and sentiment analysis. Also, you’ll see detailed metrics on what makes top posts successful.

Quintly is the tool for Instagram deep diving. There are over 350 available metrics to customize dashboards and create whatever reports your stakeholders and leaders need. This is a true analytics tool with sophisticated metrics.

What users say: Businesses like the ability to create custom KPIs and datasets. DIY reports, automated export, and direct sending make sharing data with clients easy.

Summary: Quintly is known for its excellent analytics. Deep insights aren’t cheap. Prices start at $300/month and a free 14-day trial.

12. Brandwatch

Sophisticated Social Listening

Popular for its well-known social media listening capabilities, Brandwatch offers expensive, but powerful analytics about your Instagram and other social media accounts.

Custom dashboard creation draws on 90 million different sources, crawling news sites, blogs, reviews, and user forums to help you plan your next Instagram campaign and content strategy.

Keyword monitoring is available in 44 languages using advanced, custom searches. Moreover, data-heavy reports show trending topics and detailed demographics.

Brandwatch also offers sentiment analysis of your posts like other high-end analytics tools.

What users say: They love all the data. The reports are detailed, completely customizable and useful. Those who can afford Brandwatch tend to love it.

Summary: Brandwatch is useful for businesses and enterprises hungry for lots of data, social media monitoring, and powerful reports. It comes at a high price - if you can stomach $1000 / 10,000 mentions, this well-respected analytics tool may be for you.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the social media champion. It is the go-to platform for millennials especially, which is where brands need to show up to get in front of 500 million daily users.

With so much Instagram competition building your following requires more than daily posting and basic hashtags. Instagram now requires strategy and metrics to match. These popular, well-rated Instagram analytics tools can help you achieve your growth goals within any budget.

Whether it’s a full all-in-one solution you’re looking for, or you need some essential insights into your audience, including these Instagram analytics tools in your social media strategy this year will help your brand flourish.

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