Instagram Data Challenge - let's get started!

Instagram is the world’s most used social network and it’s no wonder why - we love living through others’ experiences and namely - through photos. At Panoply, we see Instagram as good times as well as a marketing tool; and, as data geeks, we get excited about the data behind Instagram posts, campaigns and efforts.

This is why we’re announcing the launch of our Instagram Data Challenge!

We recently announced Instagram as a data source into Panoply, so you can easily bring in all available Instagram data into your data warehouse for visualization, insights and analysis.

In launching this data challenge, we’re excited to enable the world’s data sleuths and analysts to dig in and see what visualizations and insights can be uncovered in an Instagram data set.

For the winning data submissions, we have $1000 prizes across three categories!

Enter the Competition!

Show Us Your Data! 💪

Data hacking is all about examining a fun data set and building a beautiful visualization or unearthing an unknown insight. Your task for this data challenge is simple: Unleash your creativity!

To enable your data exploration, we’ve assembled two sample Instagram data sets for analysis and dissection, including that of a top Instagram influencer, Kirsten Alana and an innovative and edgy apparel brand known as Shinesty.

How Do I Get Started?

We’re so glad you asked. Our challenge has four easy steps!

  1. Start your Panoply account (or login to your existing one)
  2. Ingest an Instagram data set
  3. Build your Instagram insight or visualization
  4. Submit your contest entry on our Community!

For your data insight investigation and querying, you can use your data tool of choice. Need a suggestion on a data visualization tool or suite? We suggest using one of our partners.

What Can I Win?

For our contest, which runs March 29 through April 30, we have three categories with three separate prizes. The prize for each category winner is a $1,000 USD Amazon Gift card.

One prize will be awarded for submissions in each category

  • Most beautiful data visualization
  • Most impactful data insight
  • People’s Choice (voting will take place at the end of the contest)

I’m Interested But Unfamiliar with Instagram Data

Cool! We’re glad you’ve made it this far. We’ve authored a full blog post on sample queries, insights and ways to explore the data. Let’s dig in.

Let’s Get Started

If you want to get started, visit our Challenge page where you can register your basic info and get started. We have the full contest details and rules located there! We can’t wait to see what insights you uncover!

Enter the Competition!

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