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Recently, we’ve talked to several prospective and existing clients who have all told us slightly different versions of the same story. These clients are solopreneurs or ...
Using Shopify Reports: Going Beyond Spreadsheets with Your Ecommerce Data
If you're not monitoring your online store data and tweaking it accordingly, you'll probably find yourself left behind. Shopify's built-in reports are simple, ...
BI and Data Visualization
Top Shopify Analytics Tools
Why Your Shopify Data Needs a Warehouse A data warehouse is a place to store data solely for the purpose of analysis. That may not seem that interesting—and it isn’t—but ...
Data Warehousing
Shopify Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing Step-by-Step
Ecommerce is getting more competitive every day as big players like Amazon and Alibaba consume more markets and scrappy D2C players try to disrupt them. It is impossible ...
BI and Data Visualization
Building Shopify Dashboards in Tableau, Power BI and Google Data Studio
The popular Shopify e-commerce service has everything you need to create, market, and manage an online business. The platform’s in-app payment platform works on ...
Top 6 Shopify ETL Tools for your Ecommerce Data Pipeline
We recently worked with Aron Clymer, CEO of the data consulting firm Data Clymer to show you how you can consolidate all of your Shopify ecommerce data from any number ...
BI and Data Visualization
Building a Shopify Ecommerce Dashboard with Looker

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