Panoply has joined the SQream data family!

We are so excited to announce that Panoply has been acquired by SQream - a hybrid analytics platform that gives you the critical insights you need, when you need them - for any size data. This acquisition is part of SQream’s vision to provide the fastest analytics platform at any scale of data on any platform: On Cloud, On Prem, On the Edge for multi size enterprises.

What does this mean for Panoply? We will continue to operate and grow as a separate business unit with access to additional resources to continue to improve our product, build out our teams, and focus on making Panoply even better than ever. Meanwhile, we’ll be partnering with the team over at SQream to learn from each other's expertise and work towards building a joint platform that will serve business leaders of any size organization with fast data insights and peta-scale future readiness.

Why Now? 

We’ve made it our mission to transform the focus of cloud architecture from data centric to information centric, by focusing on the insights you can gain from your data, rather than just the technical process of moving and storing it. SQream’s focus on driving fast data insights echoes this mission. When SQream approached us, we instantly felt that the synergies between our two companies would provide the best path forward for all of our customers.

While both companies have been focused on bringing insights to customers as quickly as possible, we have different strengths that will help each other grow. The team at SQream are absolute masters at scalable hybrid data technology, while Panoply excels at the frictionless automation of data processes that our quick to implement no-code cloud data platform is built on. Bringing those skill sets together will allow us to create the innovative data platform that the industry deserves.

More about SQream

SQream was founded in 2010, to meet the challenges posed to organizations by exponentially growing data. They have a world-wide team of 160+ employees who are focused on accelerating Total Time to Insight (TTTI) on any size data. 

Ami Gal, Co-founder and SQream CEO said about the acquisition “This is a huge milestone on our journey to provide the world with the new category of analytics platform that is ready for tomorrow’s data challenges. I’m excited to welcome Yaniv and the Panoply team to SQream’s family, as we join forces to forge a world class data analytics talent powerhouse. I am confident that the synergy between the two companies, the technologies, the founders and the teams, will yield great value to our customers as well as professional and personal development opportunities for Panoply and SQream teams.”

Still Curious?

Read the news on TechCrunch, or sign up for a trial today to see how Panoply can improve your data stack.

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