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To be an outstanding data engineer you must constantly keep up to date with the latest developments and tools for building data infrastructure, learn about the real ...
Data Engineering

9 Must Attend Data Engineering Conferences In 2018

Panoply, Stitch and Chartio today announced the availability of the world’s first Automatic Cloud Data Stack. The combined offering enables data analysts and business ...
Data Stack

Panoply, Stitch And Chartio Partner To Offer The World’s First Automatic Cloud Data Stack

I gotta hand it to Oracle and Larry Ellison, the guy knows how to put on a show! They also know how to do business. When they announced their quarter highlights on ...
Data Warehousing

The Power Struggle In The Cloud DB War Just Shifted To A New Paradigm (and Not Everybody Knows It)

Putting it bluntly
Data Engineering

Data Engineer Vs Data Scientist: What's The Difference?

When it comes to NoSQL databases, MongoDB is definitely in the lead as the world's fastest-growing database. But the days when a single database was enough are behind us;
Data Engineering

Top 5 MongoDB Alternatives

A data engineer conceives, builds and maintains the data infrastructure that holds your enterprise’s advanced analytics capacities together.  
Data Engineering

4 Skills Required To Become An Outstanding Data Engineer

In today’s fast-paced competitive market, there are critical advantages to utilizing infrastructure-as-a-service, especially for businesses concerned about fast-tracking ...
Analytics Leadership

The Rise Of Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

Across industries, a rapidly rising demand for data scientists and engineers by far outstripps supply. In fact, the shortage of skilled IT professionals is one of the ...
Data Engineering

Most In-Demand Jobs Of 2017 - Data Scientist And Data Engineer

Big Data can be a seductive master. How can you maximize time-to-insight without going over to the Dark Side?
Data Stack

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Analytics Infrastructure

The demand for skilled Data Engineers (or Big Data Engineers) is projected to rapidly grow.  No wonder that’s the case: no matter what your company does, to succeed in ...
Data Engineering

How To Become A Data Engineer: A Guide

It is an exciting time for cloud data warehousing with significant disruptions expected throughout 2017. As Gartner, in March 2016, showed, warehousing enterprises ...
Data Warehousing

Cloud Data Warehousing Trends 2017

For many organizations, their ability to collect data has long surpassed their ability to organize it quickly enough for analysis. As companies of all sizes are ...
Analytics Leadership

The Importance Of AI, Machine Learning And NLP For Analytics

On Feb 28th, Amazon Web Services (AWS), went down for approximately 4 hours. The outage occurred in Amazon’s US-East-1 facility in Virginia, their biggest region, and ...
Data Engineering

Lessons Learned From The Recent Amazon S3 Outage

As a data engineer, I enjoy my work, but when it comes  to integrating and managing data  there are quite a few tasks that are downright tedious. From data remodeling to ...
Data Engineering

What Does A Data Engineer Do That Keeps Him Awake At Night

I loved this line from an article I recently stumbled upon:  “Choosing between the different types of data warehouse platforms can be simplified once you know which ...
Data Warehousing

Which Type Of Data Warehouse Is Right For You?

If you recognize your data as an asset, than augmenting it simply means growing your business assets. With data augmentation, you can run manipulations on existing data, ...
Data Management

Data Augmentation: Bringing New Life To Your Data

Attendance at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference almost doubled, from 18,000 people last year to 32,000 people last week. The large, international cloud computing ...
Data Engineering

Data-Oriented Takeaways From AWS Re:Invent 2016: Query S3, Batch, Glue And More

The premise that to build a perfect data warehouse you must have perfect business understanding is simply irrelevant. We must look to technology to empower us to keep ...
Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Automation. A Question Of When Not If

“An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential…So we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be ...

Why We Built Panoply And What Ray Kurzweil’s Law Of Accelerated Returns Has To Do With It

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