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Since Google acquired Alooma, this lightweight cloud-based ETL tool has evolved to snap in really well to BigQuery and Google’s data warehouse. This means that Alooma ...

Top 10 Alooma Alternatives: Comparing Pricing and ETL Features

MongoDB is a document-oriented database management system. It supports various forms of data and is probably the most famous NoSQL database. MongoDB has traditionally ...
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11 Best MongoDB Alternatives Compared for 2021 (Free & Paid)

HubSpot is a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. With HubSpot, you can get exhaustive data on your marketing efforts. 

How to Analyze HubSpot Email Campaigns with SQL

Stripe is a powerful payment processing SaaS platform that’s simple and easy to use. Mobile apps and online platforms that use Stripe can quickly accept American ...
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9 Best Stripe Reporting Tools for Your Analytics Needs in 2021

If you use HubSpot, you know it captures a ton of data about your customers, marketing campaigns, and so much more. And while native HubSpot reporting is a great way to ...

HubSpot & SQL: A New Way to Understand Your Revenue

Data is king; the most successful businesses tend to collect and generate tons of data. But, when you consider all the different variables, it can quickly become a ...
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10 Best Embedded Analytics Tools for 2021

After months of conversations and development, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest release: Panoply on Google Cloud BigQuery! 
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Announcing: Panoply on BigQuery

We recently updated our pricing model to better match our users’ expectations. Now, access to all our native data sources is included—that’s right, all the connectors ...
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What are Panoply Query Bytes?

Understanding ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform pricing models is crucial for managing data processing costs. ETL platforms typically bill usage based on the ...

Unraveling Rows: A Deep Dive into Consumption-Based Pricing for ETL

Reporting tools play a vital role in enabling analytics teams to generate up-to-date snapshots of critical business areas that demand attention. These valuable insights ...
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13 Best Reporting Tools & Software For Your Business in 2021

Should I use MySQL or MariaDB? That's probably the question in your mind right now.

MariaDB Vs MySQL: Performance, Licensing & Support

With Stripe Sigma, businesses that might struggle to put proper data infrastructure in place no longer have to worry about juggling a ton of data tools. Besides giving ...
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Stripe Sigma: The good, the bad, and the redundant

ETL is the process of extracting, loading, and transforming data from various sources into a central data repository and is an essential step for turning data into ...

Top MongoDB ETL Tools: The Best Ways to Sync Your NoSQL Data

"Use MongoDB!" said the first engineer. "No, use MySQL," said the second. And there you were, watching them fight like football fans supporting their favorite ...

MongoDB vs MySQL: The Differences Explained

Poorly designed databases can cause many problems, including a waste of resources, difficult maintenance, and faulty performance. That's why having a great database ...
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Database Schema Design Examples

If you're collecting data in a warehouse, you may have come across many data sources and formats. To combine these many formats, you may need to go through the ETL ...

Top MySQL ETL Tools

So you're at the stage where you're thinking about your company's data management strategy. Good thinking: A McKinsey report estimates that businesses that leverage ...

Can Microsoft SQL Server Work As A Data Warehouse?

Regina is a data analyst at Mocha, a fictitious coffee delivery company that provides local coffeehouses specialized technology, data insights, and shared services. She ...
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Dashboards 101: Basics Of A Great Dashboard

When weighing Cassandra vs. MongoDB, performance, design, and operational variables top the list of considerations. While both systems' approaches to data storage and ...

Cassandra vs MongoDB: A Battle of the NoSQL DBs

MongoDB's data flexibility is a breeze for developers but can be a major headache for analysts and data scientists. Here's how to wrangle your non-relational MongoDB ...
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How to Analyze MongoDB Data in Tableau

At Panoply, we know how vital data is to running—and growing!—your business. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce big changes to three of our ecommerce data sources: ...
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New-and-Improved Ecommerce Data Sources: Stripe, Square & Shopify

Recently, we’ve talked to several prospective and existing clients who have all told us slightly different versions of the same story. These clients are solopreneurs or ...

Using Shopify Reports: Going Beyond Spreadsheets with Your Ecommerce Data

The most difficult thing about choosing the right analytics tool is creating an apples-to-apples comparison. 
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Tableau vs. Power BI: A Battle of Business Intelligence Heavyweights

Google’s BigQuery is a cloud data warehouse leveraged by data analysts and data scientists. If your data already lives on Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery is a natural ...

Best BigQuery ETL Tools: Comparing Costs and Usability

Data is everywhere. One of the significant challenges data analysts face is getting all that data connected, especially as it grows more complex. That’s where tools like ...
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Top 8 CData Sync Alternatives: Weighing Connectivity, Complexity & Cost

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