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  You can now ingest Xero data into Panoply for 360 degree view of your business

Get Xero Financial Reporting Into A Data Warehouse In Minutes

  ETL, ELT, data joins, data blending. Does the terminology around data management have your head spinning? Don't worry, we can help. 

Data Blending: What It Is And How To Do It

  The Java platform is a free software download that many of today’s websites and apps can’t run without. Java is practically a requirement for most internal and cloud ...

18 ETL Tools That Do More With Java

  Whatever your relationship with ETL processes is, you’re probably aware that it’s an inescapable element of modern data management and data warehousing practices. Data ...

ETL With Singer: A Tutorial

The ETL process is as old as the digital collection of data itself. Getting information from a database and into an understandable form is arguably the most crucial step ...
Data Engineering

Top 9 MongoDB ETL Tools

Healthy competition can bring out the best in organizations. Just look at companies like Coke and Pepsi or General Motors and Ford, all of which were obsessed with ...

MariaDB Vs MySQL In 2019: Compatibility, Performance, And Syntax

 It’s Elementary What’s an analytics database? Is it the analytical, meticulous Sherlock Holmes version of a database? In a way, it is. Just as the great detective ...
Data Warehousing

Analytics Databases: The Best And The Fastest

Know the progress of your data ingestions and query status

Updated Product Feature: Value Dashboard


6 Of The Best PHP ETL Tools

So. You run a business that lives on data. You’ve got a SQL-style relational database or two up and running to store your data, but your data keeps growing and you’re ...

Redshift Vs Postgres: Differences In Performance, Functions, And Cost

  Reporting tools play a vital function in business operations, allowing analytics teams to generate constantly updated snapshots of vital areas of the business, which ...
Data Analytics

Top 25 Reporting Tools And How To Choose The Best Option

  Any successful data operation needs two things at its heart: a solid data warehouse and an ETL tool to move data from individual data stores to the data warehouse. ...

Top 9 MySQL ETL Tools: The Best Free And Paid Options

Get fast, simple performance updates on your Panoply jobs Panoply’s brand new “Jobs” page allows users to always be on top of their activities and tasks in Panoply. ...

Panoply's Job Status Page Updated

Panoply's new Data Ingestion Engine boosts performance and takes data reliability to the next level

Panoply's New Data Ingestion Engine

  Implementing a modern protocol of data management best practices can optimize the organization of voluminous amounts of disparate data. This facilitates insights by ...
Data Management

Data Management Strategy And Best Practices In The Cloud

  Applying a modernized approach to the concept of data management is a necessity in today’s cloud computing environment. This facilitates insights by embracing full ...
Data Management

Data Management Concepts And Techniques In A Cloud-Based World

Instagram is the world’s most used social network and it’s no wonder why - we love living through others’ experiences and namely - through photos. At Panoply, we see ...

Instagram Data Challenge - Let's Get Started! is an integrated analytics platform for smart enterprises & SaaS companies. It allows you to embed stunning, interactive dashboards directly inside your own ...

Panoply Is Now Integrated With

  Getting started

Analyzing Your Instagram Data With Panoply

  At Panoply, we’ve built a smart cloud data warehouse that will let you seamlessly integrate all your data, store it for analysis, and generate business intelligence ...
BI And Data Visualization

Top 25 Business Intelligence Tools Of 2019 And How To Decide

“To buy or not to buy, that is the question.”

Build Or Buy ETL Tools: The Pros And Cons Of Building A Pipeline

What is data management? Data management is a broad and ambiguous concept. The Global Data Management Community (DAMA International) defines it as “the development of ...
Data Management

28 Data Management Tools & 5 Ways Of Thinking About Data Management

 Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a data warehousing process that uses batch processing to help business users analyze and report on data relevant to their business ...

17 Great ETL Tools, And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL

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