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This tutorial was authored by Ahmed Shaaban, a MeasureMatch partner.

MySQL Replication For Analytics And Visualization: A Panoply Tutorial

Xero is widely recognized as the best online accounting software for small businesses. Similar to Google Ad Analytics, Xero is a lightweight and easy-to-use analytics ...
Data Analytics

Top 6 Xero Analytics And Reporting Tools For SMBs

Google Ads is all about efficiency. The formula for success is simple: target the right audience with the right ads at the right price. The better you do at each of ...
Data Analytics

How To Find Google Ads Negative Keywords At Scale

Reporting tools play a vital function in business operations, allowing analytics teams to generate constantly updated snapshots of vital areas of the business, which can ...
Data Analytics

Top 25 Reporting Tools And How To Choose The Best Option

Top 5 Alternatives to Alooma

Top 5 Alooma Alternatives: Comparing Pricing And ETL Features

Data Analytics

How To Analyze DynamoDB Data In Power BI

The speed, flexibility and ease of setup of NoSQL-style databases have all contributed to the rapid rise in popularity of MongoDB in recent years. Despite its advantages ...
Data Analytics

How To Analyze MongoDB Data In Power BI

WordPress and Google Analytics are two BI tools (Business Intelligence) that go together like peas and carrots (if you're into that sort of thing). WordPress powers over ...

How To Combine And Analyze WordPress And Google Analytics Data Together

 Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a data warehousing process that uses batch processing to help business users analyze and report on data relevant to their business ...

20 Great ETL Tools, And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL

Data Management

28 Data Management Tools & 5 Ways Of Thinking About Data Management

  At Panoply, we’ve built a smart cloud data warehouse that will let you seamlessly integrate all your data, store it for analysis, and generate business intelligence ...
BI And Data Visualization

Top 25 Business Intelligence Tools Of 2020 And How To Decide

Introduction NurseGrid’s goal is to unite the largest workforce in healthcare with cutting edge staffing and resource technology. NurseGrid creates tools for ...
Being Data Driven

How NurseGrid Quickens Product Improvement Through Data

Data Technology

How To Analyze DynamoDB Data In Grafana

Being Data Driven

Before 2019 Ends: Check Out Azure Synapse Analytics

Happy December! 🥳

Panoply's December User Experience Update

DATEDIFF is a super useful function that returns the difference between date parts (or dateparts) of two date or time expressions. For this post we will use data from: ...
Learning SQL

Creating Elapsed Time Histograms In SQL Using DATEDIFF

This blog post is the first of a two-part series. The first part will focus on Hubspot lead analytics and will equip you with the tools you need to go beyond standard ...
Learning SQL

Hubspot Lead Analytics In SQL, Beyond CRM Reporting

Ecommerce is getting more competitive every day as big players like Amazon and Alibaba consume more markets and scrappy D2C players try to disrupt them. It is impossible ...
BI And Data Visualization

Building Shopify Dashboards In Tableau, Power BI And Google Data Studio

The popular Shopify e-commerce service has everything you need to create, market, and manage an online business. The platform’s in-app payment platform works on ...

Top 6 Shopify ETL Tools For Your Ecommerce Data Pipeline

In this post, we’ll walk through three ways to subtract dates (or timestamps) in Redshift:
Learning SQL

Tutorial: How To Subtract Dates In Redshift

Learning SQL

Comparing Metrics Over Time In SQL

Congratulations! You’ve connected to your data warehouse (or database). You are on your way towards analytics awesomeness. But first, you need to get your bearings. ...
Learning SQL

Exploring Tables And Columns In Redshift: A PG_TABLE_DEF Tutorial

We’re happy to announce that Panoply’s data management capabilities are now available on Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.
Data Technology

Announcing Panoply Availability On Microsoft Azure

In this blog post, I will introduce you to the basics of using CASE statements/expressions. This post will also cover comparison operators (greater than, less than, ...
Learning SQL

Postgres CASE Statement Basics By Example

When I started my SQL journey not too long ago, I diligently completed interactive tutorials and to be honest, thought I had a grasp on this thing. Fast forward a couple ...
Learning SQL

A Beginner’s Guide To Formatting Dates In SQL

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