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SQL and pandas are both invaluable tools for any analyst or data scientist. They tend to be mentioned in the same breath when talking about data manipulation and ...
Data Analysis

SQL And Pandas: A Rosetta Stone For Analysts

We now generate more data in an hour than we did in an entire year just two decades ago. The same old tools simply don't cut it anymore. That's why Amazon came out ...
Data Warehousing

Top 5 Redshift Alternatives: Balancing Cost And Complexity

Five years ago, MongoDB detailed new enhancements that enabled it to work with standard relational reporting tools like Cognos, Tableau, and Business Objects. That's ...
Data Stack

Top 8 MongoDB Analytics And Reporting Tools: SQL And NoSQL

The competition within the data analytics space is heating up, with all the players aim to make data collection and analysis more manageable. One of the leading ...
Data Warehousing

Top 5 BigQuery Alternatives: A Challenge Of Complexity

Data is the underlying force that drives modern marketing campaigns. But if you're an agency running multiple promotions across platforms, the data aggregation process ...

Top 5 Supermetrics Alternatives: Balancing Ease Of Use & Cost

“To buy or not to buy, that is the question.”

Build Or Buy ETL Tools: The Pros And Cons Of Building A Pipeline

You nailed your proof of concept project. Your initial group of users are happy, and they’re getting comfortable mining the first batch of data for insights that may ...
Best Practices

Deepening Your Approach To Data

Until recently, data warehouses were largely the domain of big business. With a data warehouse, you could consolidate and analyze vast amounts of information, deriving ...
Data Warehousing

Understanding Data Warehouse-as-a-Service Benefits Today And Tomorrow

When it comes to flavors of SQL, everyone’s got an opinion—and often a pretty strong one. While the SQL debates aren’t quite as intense as, say, the Python/R holy war in ...

Top 5 Microsoft SQL Server ETL Tools

In this unprecedented year, data analysts, engineers, and developers showed incredible adaptability and resilience. Companies that deployed robust cloud and data ...

Top 5 Etleap Alternatives: Weighing The Trade-offs Of Cost And Support

We’re excited to share some fantastic news: we recently received a $10 million investment to support our vision of helping companies of all sizes sync, store, and access ...
Panoply News

We Have Big News!

Trying to transform your business into a data-driven powerhouse can feel overwhelming. Even if you've got amazing self-service tools, helping your team become ...
Best Practices

Why And How To Assemble Data-Loving Allies

In an ideal world, when you create an amazing plan to build a world-class data stack, your coworkers' minds would be blown, your company's CEO would thank you for your ...
Best Practices

How To Get High-Level Buy-In For Your Data Warehouse Project

“When you become an effective evangelist, you don’t just promote your organization—you set an example for other employees. You show that you are a passionate, engaged ...
Analytics Leadership

Data Evangelism: Not Just A Leap Of Faith

The first iteration of your shiny new data warehouse is up and running, and folks are loving it. For example, Marketing is thrilled at how easy it is to pull up the data ...
Best Practices

What Is A Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) And Why Do You Need One?

Data is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that companies have more information at their disposal than ever before. The bad news is that they may not know ...
Being Data Driven

Collaboration: The Core Of A Data-Driven Organization

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” sang Andy Williams about the Christmas season, but a “wonderful time” might not be how analysts working in ecommerce and ...
Being Data Driven

How Ecommerce Analysts Can Prep For The Holiday Season

You've spent a bunch of time figuring out the best data stack for your company.  It was hard work, and occasionally it was frustrating, but mostly it was fun. 
Data Stack

How To Propose A Data Stack

If you work with data of any real size, chances are you’ve heard of ETL before. If not (or if you just like having your memory refreshed), here’s a summary: ETL is a ...

What Is Data Transformation, Anyway?

There’s nothing more aggravating for a data analyst than sweating over a great analysis or dashboard only to have it go unused.
Best Practices

Why Data Analysts Should Adopt A Product Mindset

If you're thinking about creating a data warehouse from scratch, one of the options you are probably considering is Amazon Redshift. Redshift is very powerful, but ...

A Redshift Pricing Guide For CTOs

Every week, analysts around the globe are working hard to create data warehouses.
Best Practices

Analyzing Business Needs: The First Step In Your Data Warehouse Project

Some people think you only need a data warehouse if you have huge amounts of data.  That used to be true. It's not anymore. These days, any business that uses ...
Data Warehousing

5 Reasons You Need A Data Warehouse

Let's Look at Data At Leading Financial Tech Startup LendStreet is a consumer financial health platform that offers loans to assist Americans who are  deeply indebted. ...
Being Data Driven

How Financial Tech Company LendStreet Embraces Financial Data

You need a data warehouse, but should you take the traditional ETL route or opt for a modern ELT approach? When it comes to usability, there's no question: ELT data ...
Data Warehousing

Views: The Key To A Successful ELT Data Warehouse

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