How Service Providers and Solution Seekers can Benefit from the Google Cloud Marketplace

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace is quickly becoming the go-to for service providers to showcase their features, and for solution-seekers to find the best tool for their company's needs.


GCP Marketplace for service providers

For technology companies looking to expand their customer base and market share, a listing on the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Marketplace is a must. 


The world increasingly runs on apps, and GCP Marketplace gives solution providers a place to showcase their product, features, and value to prospective customers. A top provider in name recognition and the cloud platform of choice for many major companies, GCP Marketplace is now over 35% market share - a close contender to long term leader AWS at 49%. 


For solution providers, it’s easy to deploy to the GCP Marketplace with step-by-step instructions from your Google Cloud Console. After choosing and deploying your solution, it’ll run on Google Cloud and be available to any potential customers on the platform. 


So what benefits are there to joining GCP Marketplace? 

1. Firstly... Google. Thousands of companies - and decision-makers at those companies - use the Google platform in some capacity, making it easier for them to find you and your services. Plus, anyone with a Google account can access the GCP Marketplace.

2. Increased revenue and marketshare: visibility in a global marketplace means higher sales for your company.

3. Trust: deploying through a platform your customers already rely on indicates stability and trustworthiness in your product. 

4. Data security: customers will feel safer putting their data in your hands knowing the GCP marketplace uses a Security Assessment Program, allowing developers to submit their apps to a third-party security firm to perform a full security and risk assessment of their application.

5. Scalability: you can deploy your first software solution, and scale it later if your apps change or require additional capacity


GCP for solution-seekers

Companies in any industry looking for these services can find, deploy, and manage production-ready solutions from partner companies, open-source, and, of course, Google.


If your company is looking for a solution or platform, using the GCP Marketplace makes the search easier. It simplifies the tool adoption process with a user-friendly platform of over 4500 enterprise applications, tools, and APIs for most business needs - things like DocuSign, Asana, DropBox, and more. 


Being able to browse solutions on a single site eliminates the hassle of scouring the internet and significantly shortens deployment time. You also get peace of mind knowing that every product on the GCP Marketplace has already been vetted by Google for reliability and security vulnerabilities.


The platform has grown to offer solutions for any industry, with virtually any purpose; unsurprisingly many of the top apps help customers with in-demand services like security, database management, AI, and identity management. 


In a market focused on digital transformation, cloud, and app-based services, the GCP Marketplace is a great way to gain visibility and reach customers you may not have had access to before. Oh, and did we mention? Now you can find Panoply there too

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