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It took a bunch of work, but you finally found the right consultant for your project and worked out a contract you're both happy with. Now you can relax and let them do ...
Working In Data

How to Manage a Data Consultant

If the announcement that Chartio’s BI tool will sunset on March 1, 2022 rocked your world a little, you’re not alone. 
Panoply News

Chartio Customers: Panoply’s Here for You

When choosing data tools, there's no replacement for getting hands-on. But if you've ever found yourself taking out a trial, logging in, and thinking "Well, this seems ...
Data Stack

How to Run a Data Tool Bake-Off

To get the most of your data, you need a robust analytics stack that provides valuable, effortless insights to both data scientists and business users alike. ...

Stitch vs. Fivetran: Price, Integrations, Support, and More

Last Friday, Chartio announced today that they’re joining Atlassian and that Chartio won't be usable as a BI tool outside of Atlassian starting on March 1, 2022.
Bi And Data Visualization

How to Approach Your Chartio Migration

Chartio recently announced that they’ve joined Atlassian, the company behind robust tools like JIRA and Confluence.  That's great news for Chartio, but what does it mean ...
Bi And Data Visualization

Top Chartio Alternatives

If you're a CEO or in leadership, you're often going to be faced with the question of what to do when your company’s data needs outstrip what your IT department, ...
Being Data Driven

When to Hire a Data Consultant vs. Building Out Your Data Team

With companies of all sizes looking to gain value from their data, cloud data warehouses are all the rage. They’re a critical component of any modern data stack, as they ...
Data Warehousing

Snowflake Vs BigQuery: Comparing Pricing, Performance & More

For the final entry in our SQL and pandas series, we’re going to be talking today about closing the loop. We’ve talked about the difference between pandas and SQL, how ...
Data Analysis

How to load pandas dataframes into SQL

You've been thinking for a while that it's time to level up your data solution. You could keep muddling by. But you're spending too much time grinding through individual ...
Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Selection Criteria: How To Choose the Right Storage

At Panoply, we've made it our mission to be data integration experts. We collected the data and collated a list of all the top data integration tools to help you ...
Data Stack

Top Data Integration Tools for 2021: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

You know the janky data solution your startup currently has in place just isn't cutting it. But when you think about building what you need, you get a pit in your ...
Being Data Driven

How to Create a Data MVP for Your Startup

Data management isn't straightforward. It demands careful supervision from the moment the data is created until it's retired. When data is managed properly, you can ...
Data Stack

The Best Data Management Tools & 5 Ways Of Thinking About Data Management

This series of posts analyzes how specific databases stack up against each other. We've covered the following comparisons so far: Cassandra vs MongoDB Redis vs MongoDB ...

PostgreSQL Vs MySQL: Different Databases For Different Use Cases

If you're not monitoring your online store data and tweaking it accordingly, you'll probably find yourself left behind. Shopify's built-in reports are simple, ...
Bi And Data Visualization

Top Shopify Analytics Tools

You want to get more out of your Salesforce data—and who doesn't? So it’s time to boot up your favorite BI tool, hook it up to Salesforce, and rock out.  That's a fine ...
Data Management

Why You Absolutely Shouldn't Connect Salesforce Straight to a BI Tool

You're building a new data solution for your startup, and you need an ETL tool to make slinging data more manageable. You've read a ton of articles and talked to a bunch ...

How To Choose An ETL Tool: 6 Key Considerations

Power BI and MySQL. The beloved BI tool and dependable database go together like peanut butter and jelly...or data and analysis. To help make that powerful partnership ...
Bi And Data Visualization

How to Sync MySQL Data to Power BI

You've got valuable data. But it's useless if you don't use it. A key piece in unlocking the power in your data is using an excellent Business Intelligence (BI) tool. BI ...
Bi And Data Visualization

Top BI Tools Of 2021—And How To Choose The Right One

Maybe you're a business analyst who's sick of not being able to level up your Power BI reports. Or maybe your New Year's resolution is that this is the year you'll ...
Data Analysis

How To Nail Your New Year's Resolution To Actually Learn SQL This Time

Although Snowflake hasn't generated $1b in annual revenues (yet), the company continues to hog the headlines for potentially delivering a historic payout to Silicon ...

Top 5 Snowflake Alternatives: Complexity and Costs Go Head-to-Head

Klipfolio is a robust cloud-based BI/dashboarding tool developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform's primary goal is to enable data ...
Bi And Data Visualization

Top Klipfolio Alternatives: Tools to Manage Your Marketing Data

In an era where data is king, the race is on to make access to data as reliable and straightforward as everyday utilities. One company leading the way is cloud-native ...

Top 5 Fivetran Alternatives: Weighing Complexity and Cost

Data has become the lifeblood of business and data warehouses are an essential part of that. But knowing which data warehouse makes sense for your business can be tricky.
Data Warehousing

Snowflake vs Redshift: Data Warehouse Comparison

Welcome back, data folk, to our 3-part series on managing and analyzing data with SQL, Python and pandas. In our first post, we went into the differences, similarities, ...
Data Analysis

How to read a SQL query into a pandas dataframe

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