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Modern consumers expect a streamlined & personalized service from the retailers with whom they do business. If you can’t fulfill their expectations for an efficient ...
Being Data-Driven
How Data Analytics Can Help You Grow Your Retail Business
Google released Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in October 2020 in an effort to improve upon the previous generation called Universal Analytics (UA).
Data Analysis
The Analyst's Guide to Google Analytics 4
Google BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse solution that aims to be cost-effective and highly scalable, allowing businesses to analyze large amounts of data with ...
Data Warehousing
9 Most Useful BigQuery SQL Functions for Efficency
In the world of data and analytics, data observability is an important but often overlooked process.
Data Observability
6 Best Data Observability Tools: Comparing Usability & Features
Data Warehousing
Postgres to BigQuery: Convert PostgreSQL Queries into BigQuery SQL
Designing and creating a data dictionary for your company is a big process with big returns. It's something you need to do if you want deep insights from your data and ...
Best Practices
7 Best Practices for Building a Data Dictionary
On a high-level, ETL transforms your data before loading, while ELT transforms data only after loading to your warehouse. In this post, we'll look in detail at the ...
ETL vs ELT: The Difference is in the How
When you love a piece of software the way our users love Panoply, there’s nothing more exciting than finding out what new features are on the roadmap.
Panoply News
Panoply’s Product Roadmap - Q3 2021
When it comes to storing data, we generally have two options: SQL (relational databases) and NoSQL (non-relational databases).
Data Stack
SQL vs. NoSQL: The Differences Explained
Data transformation tools help change data formats, apply business logic, and otherwise play the "T" role in ETL. This is especially important when consolidating both ...
Data Stack
Best Data Transformation Tools | Top Solutions for Data Processing
Companies today are increasingly collecting large volumes of data from cloud services, mobile applications, and connected devices. Yet many struggle with deploying data. ...
Data Stack
What Is Operational Analytics?
For years, Microsoft has been a leader in Gartner's quadrant for intelligence and analytics platforms. In other words: it has a complete vision and can execute it.
Data Analysis
How to Analyze DynamoDB Data in Power BI
Data warehouses are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses, nonprofits, and municipal organizations realize the value of storing their current and historic ...
Data Warehousing
Can PostgreSQL Work as a Data Warehouse? (2024 Updated)
In today's complex business landscape, where information pours in from many different locations throughout the day, it's crucial to work with multiple data sets.
Data Blending Explained: What It Is and How to Do It
So you're at the point of your project where the discussion of SQL vs. NoSQL is old news, and NoSQL is the path forward.
DynamoDB vs. MongoDB: How to Choose the Right One for You
One of the significant challenges to data-driven companies comes when integrating different application systems. Major public cloud providers, such as Amazon or Google, ...
Data Stack
AWS Spectrum, Athena, and S3: Everything You Need to Know
Imagine that you are in a meeting with a potential investor, and they ask you for specific information about your company to help them decide whether to invest in your ...
Data Warehousing
7 Signs You Need a Data Warehouse
Since Google acquired Alooma, this lightweight cloud-based ETL tool has evolved to snap in really well to BigQuery and Google’s data warehouse. This means that Alooma ...
Top 10 Alooma Alternatives: Comparing Pricing and ETL Features
MongoDB is a document-oriented database management system. It supports various forms of data and is probably the most famous NoSQL database. MongoDB has traditionally ...
Data Stack
11 Best MongoDB Alternatives: SQL and NoSQL (Free & Paid)
HubSpot is a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. With HubSpot, you can get exhaustive data on your marketing efforts.
How to Analyze HubSpot Email Campaigns with SQL
Stripe is a powerful payment processing SaaS platform that’s simple and easy to use. Mobile apps and online platforms that use Stripe can quickly accept American ...
Data Stack
9 Best Stripe Reporting Tools for Your Analytics Needs in 2021
If you use HubSpot, you know it captures a ton of data about your customers, marketing campaigns, and so much more. And while native HubSpot reporting is a great way to ...
HubSpot & SQL: A New Way to Understand Your Revenue
Data is king; the most successful businesses tend to collect and generate tons of data. But, when you consider all the different variables, it can quickly become a ...
Data Stack
10 Best Embedded Analytics Tools for 2021
After months of conversations and development, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest release: Panoply on Google Cloud BigQuery!
Panoply News
Announcing: Panoply on BigQuery
Query Bytes’ are a unit of measure to track the compute power used when working with data. At Panoply, they also happen to be the main differentiator between our ...
Panoply News
What are Panoply Query Bytes?

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