Top Klipfolio Alternatives: Tools to Manage Your Marketing Data

Klipfolio is a robust cloud-based BI/dashboarding tool developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform's primary goal is to enable data visualization, and as such, it offers users a variety of options.  

While Klipfolio is super flexible and seamlessly integrates with popular data sources, you'll need some advanced technical skills to use it. For example, Klipfolio integrations demand API setup and data is imported in JSON instead of the standard tabular format. You also have to learn Klipfolio's proprietary language to create formulas for data visualization.

If learning a new language isn't part of your resolutions for the new year, we've got you covered. We trawled through the data, analyzed it, and formulated the list below. Here are top alternatives to Klipfolio:  

1. Supermetrics 

Supermetrics is a one-stop-shop tool for marketing data that comes with plenty of limitations.Supermetrics is similar to Klipfolio, but was specifically designed for marketers. Supermetrics makes it relatively easy to "grab" marketing data from various sources and generate performance reports. 

Supermetrics comes with 46 integrations, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and SEMrush. Once the data is pulled in from these sources, you can work with it in Excel, Google Data Studio, or Google Sheets.

However, Supermetrics has a reputation for being buggy, and their support team is slow to respond to problems. There was also a significant and unexpected price increase in 2020, so be wary of your wallet.

Supermetrics price: depends on the tools you use it with (a 14-day free trial is available). 

2. Tableau 

Tableau is an incredibly powerful BI tool that can be incredibly hard for novice users.When it comes to business intelligence platforms, it doesn't get any better than Tableau. It's one of the most popular and powerful data analysis and visualization tools that boasts the breadth and depth of capabilities that businesses need to remain competitive.

The Tableau platform comes with over 150 built-in functions and a wide range of pre-built data connectors. It's also highly intuitive and easily adapts to your environment while ensuring security and regulatory compliance. It also accommodates natural language queries, making life much easier for team members at all skill levels.

It's the perfect solution for BI teams out on the field because Tableau delivers unmatched mobile experiences. But if performance is a concern, you'll need to connect Tableau to a data warehouse (like Panoply) before using it. 

This whopper of a BI tool with a low-code interface is incredibly powerful (and pretty expensive), but its flexibility can make it less accessible to novice users. Tableau’s wide array of visualizations and filters makes it super flexible, but it can also be overwhelming for users just getting started with the tool. 

Tableau Pricing: starts at $35-$70 per user per month (and a 14-day free trial is available).

3. Looker Studio 

looker stuidoLooker Studio is a BI tool that's completely web-based and free. It has everything you love about Google Analytics and more. Looker Studio is flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly and comes with pre-built connectors to other Google products (like AdWords, YouTube analytics, and more).

However, Google doesn't always make it easy to work with your data. Many users report needing additional connectors to get a hold of their data. Queries/dashboards also load slowly when too many data sources are connected. Sharing is easy via a link, but you won't be able to export in a standard reporting format like pdf. 

When compared to other tools, Looker Studio also has limited capabilities for visualization and analysis, but nothing beats having a powerful BI tool at your fingertips for free. If you're already working with other Google products, including Google Sheets, it won't require much effort to get up and running.

Looker Studio price: free, but lacks features that are standard with other BI tools.

4. Datorama 

Datorama is a BI tool from Salesforce.Datorama is a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform that helps marketers optimize performance by leveraging AI-powered cross-channel insights and more. Acquired by Salesforce in 2018, Datorama comes with data connectors and a BI tool that works well with popular data sources. Otherwise, you'll need third-party connectors to get the job done. 

Salesforce Datorama helps marketers bring together all their data into a centralized, unified dashboard view. They can also leverage the Salesforce Datorama dashboards to create data-driven stories, make quick and smart data-driven decisions, and of course, optimize marketing campaigns. However, Datorama doesn't allow you to build in business logic, and the company's row-based pricing can get expensive.

Salesforce Datorama pricing: depends on several variables like the number of users, rows, subscription model, customization, and so on.

Bonus: Power your analytics tools with Panoply 

Unlike the tools listed above, Panoply isn't a BI/dashboarding tool. However, Panoply fuels BI tools by combining data syncing and storage, so you can quickly query replicated data without causing your production database to crash. Panoply users can also build in business logic via SQL-based views and achieve faster query times because the data is ready when you are (low latency). 

Panoply does come with a built-in SQL workbench that enables immediate in-platform analysis as well as the ability to connect a variety of BI and analytics tools. Tech-savvy users like data engineers and data scientists can also use Panoply's data warehouse to run complex analyses using Python or R at the back end. 

If data visualization and point-and-click business intelligence analysis suits your style better, Panoply offers seamless integration with Chartio, Tableau, and other popular BI tools.

Panoply pricing: starts at $200 per month (and a 14-day free trial is available).

BI & dashboarding tools for marketing data

Data and analytics are at the heart of smart business decisions and successful marketing campaigns. This makes choosing the right tool critical to enable seamless access to data visualization and advanced insights. While cost is a crucial factor, we can't forget usability, available expertise, and more.  

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