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Cloud-based data warehouses are quickly replacing their on-premise counterparts, allowing organizations with big data needs to potentially save millions in costs. Amazon ...
Data Warehousing
Setting Up A Cloud Data Warehouse: A Schema To SQL Tutorial
Amazon Redshift is a massively popular data warehouse service that lives on their AWS platform, making it easy to set up and run a data warehouse. Redshift clusters can ...
Data Warehousing
Set up Your First AWS Redshift Database: A Schema to SQL Tutorial
Why should people care about visualizing data? Visualizing data can lead to quicker and easier decision making because it allows the user to spot trends, outliers, and ...
BI and Data Visualization
How to Build Visualizations in Tableau Optimally
Is it easy to connect to a data warehouse? Selecting the right tool can help make this connection attainable. Tableau Desktop makes this connection easy, from opening ...
Data Warehousing
Connecting to Data Warehouses in Tableau
Data analyst? You must be familiar with both Tableau and AWS Redshift. And you must know, or at least you should believe me that integrating the Redshift columnar-based ...
Data Warehousing
Tableau & Redshift: How to Visualize Amazon Redshift Data
The byproduct of the ever increasing integration of the internet in our daily lives is massive growth of data transitioning between applications and servers every ...
Data Analysis
Handling and Constructing JSON Semi-Structured Data Models

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