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Recently, Panoply held a webinar with Nathan Patrick Taylor, the CIO of the Symphony Post Acute Network. The focus of the webinar was on what Nathan calls the ...
Data Warehousing

Webinar Recap: The Scalability Paradox With Nathan Patrick Taylor

MongoDB is fantastic...and challenging. This database is popular among developers due to its flexibility, but getting your data out of Mongo and into a BI tool isn’t a ...
Data Engineering

MongoDB Business Intelligence: Connector Challenges And Alternatives

MySQL databases MySQL is one of the more popular flavors of SQL-based databases, especially when it comes to web applications. Owned by Oracle, MySQL is free and open ...

MySQL As A Data Warehouse: Is It Really Your Best Option?

Healthy competition can bring out the best in organizations. Just look at companies like Coke and Pepsi or General Motors and Ford, all of which were obsessed with ...

MariaDB Vs MySQL In 2019: Compatibility, Performance, And Syntax

Jupyter notebooks have quickly become one of the most popular, if not the most popular way, to write and share code in the data science and analytics community. Jupyter ...
Data Engineering

Connecting Python Pandas And Jupyter Notebooks To PostgreSQL For Data Analysis

What is data architecture? Data architecture defines information flows in an organization, and how they are controlled. A data architect is responsible for understanding ...
Data Engineering

Data Architecture:  People, Process And Technology

This series of posts analyzes how specific databases stack up against each other. We've covered the following comparisons so far: Cassandra vs. MongoDB Redis vs. MongoDB ...
Data Engineering

MySQL Vs Oracle

When it comes to NoSQL databases, MongoDB and Cassandra may seem similar but are quite different. Both have similar use cases, but are not intended for transactional ...
Data Engineering

Cassandra Vs MongoDB In 2018

This series of posts analyzes how specific databases stack up against each other. We've covered the following comparisons so far: Cassandra vs MongoDB Redis vs MongoDB ...
Data Engineering

PostgreSQL Vs. MySQL: Differences In Performance, Syntax, And Features

This series of posts analyzes how specific databases stack up against each other. We've covered the following comparisons so far: Cassandra vs. MongoDB Redis vs. MongoDB ...
Data Engineering

PostgreSQL Vs. MongoDB

This series of posts analyzes how specific NoSQL databases stack up against one of the most popular NoSQL databases, MongoDB. We've covered the following comparisons so ...
Data Engineering

DynamoDB Vs. MongoDB

2017 has come to an end, and as you're gearing up for a successful 2018, you might find a cheat sheet of essential ETL tools and data storage comparisions handy. This ...

Learn About ETL And Data Storage Tools You Need For 2018

We will explore MongDB vs MySQL. MySQL has become an inexpensive option for organizations around the globe that need a relational database. However, as the variety and ...
Data Engineering

MongoDB Vs MySQL: The Differences Explained

PostgreSQL and MariaDB are open source databases, which boast of vast community support and development, as well as enterprise versions. While PostgreSQL has withstood ...
Data Engineering

PostgreSQL Vs MariaDB: In-Depth Comparison

Managing big data is a never-ending challenge. Extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes serve as the traditional foundation for enterprise data warehousing. However, ...

ETL Will It Survive Big Data?

There are many risks involved with data security. Storing data in the cloud might seem like a safe bet, and for most users it is. But risks will always exist. Below we ...
Data Engineering

Top Cloud Data Security Risks, Threats, And Concerns

The traditional approach for handling data warehousing as an analytical task has been Extact , Transform, and Load (ETL). However, in recent years, there has been an ...

ELT Vs. ETL By Design

Organizations looking to leverage big data impose a larger and different set of job requirements on their data architects versus organizations in traditional ...
Data Engineering

How To Become A Big Data Architect: A Guide

Putting it bluntly
Data Engineering

Data Engineer Vs Data Scientist: What's The Difference?

When it comes to NoSQL databases, MongoDB is definitely in the lead as the world's fastest-growing database. But the days when a single database was enough are behind us;
Data Engineering

Top 5 MongoDB Alternatives

Whether your database needs to run on a mobile device or scale to a humongous size, this post has you covered with CouchDB vs. MongoDB. One of these databases can run on ...
Data Engineering

CouchDB Vs MongoDB

A data engineer conceives, builds and maintains the data infrastructure that holds your enterprise’s advanced analytics capacities together.  
Data Engineering

4 Skills Required To Become An Outstanding Data Engineer

The battle of the NoSQL databases continues. We first analyzed Cassandra vs MongoDB. This time we will dig in Redis vs MongoDB.
Data Technology

Redis Vs MongoDB

Across industries, a rapidly rising demand for data scientists and engineers by far outstripps supply. In fact, the shortage of skilled IT professionals is one of the ...
Data Engineering

Most In-Demand Jobs Of 2017 - Data Scientist And Data Engineer

The demand for skilled Data Engineers (or Big Data Engineers) is projected to rapidly grow.  No wonder that’s the case: no matter what your company does, to succeed in ...
Data Engineering

How To Become A Data Engineer: A Guide

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