Chartio Customers: Panoply’s Here for You

If the announcement that Chartio’s BI tool will sunset on March 1, 2022 rocked your world a little, you’re not alone. 

While any changes to your data stack are a major undertaking, with BI, everyone from your analyst team to customer success reps to your CEO has a login and you can bet they use it. You probably get frantic emails when there’s a relatively minor update (subject line: Where did that button go???), but moving to a new tool is a whole other level.

Here’s the thing: Migrating your BI tool is guaranteed to be a challenge. But it can also be an opportunity.

The challenges are probably pretty obvious. You’ve got plenty of other projects on your plate, there are tons of moving parts to manage, and a migration definitely wasn’t part of your plan. And if you’re a current Chartio customer, you’re doing it all against a hard deadline.

The opportunities that come with a BI migration might not be as immediately apparent, but they’re incredibly important:

  • You get to KonMari your reporting. Unused fields, outdated reports, and half-broken dashboards don’t spark joy and now you have a valid reason to clean out all that cruft.
  • You can create a more sustainable—and scalable—data stack. You can stop treating Postgres as an analytical database and plugging your data sources straight into your BI tool with a cloud data platform that's built to support you as you scale. 
  • You can finally create a single source of truth. Clean, centralized data doesn’t just have to be a dream—you can make it a reality.

Let’s be real: It’s a lot. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

Panoply’s here to help

When the news came down that Chartio is joining Atlassian, we immediately started thinking about how we could ease the transition. We started by rounding up how-to content, including:

  • BI tools roundup. If you’re comparison shopping for a new BI tool, start here first. We outline the pros and cons of tools designed for startups, SQL-first shops, embedded analytics, and more. Plus, we include tips on how to narrow your search.
  • BI migration best practices. Changing BI tools is a mammoth where do you start? We’ve got you covered with a plan that will set you up for success well ahead of Chartio’s sunset.
  • Advice on bringing in consultants. A BI migration is a big deal, especially when your analyst team is already committed to other projects. Bringing on a consultant could make your migration easier, and we’ve outlined best practices for making it happen. (Want intros to consultants we trust? Give us a holler.)

And, of course, we’ve got articles on how to analyze your business needs, how to propose your ideal data stack, and how to get the higher ups on board with your plan.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re offering 2 months of Panoply free for current Chartio customers that are ready to implement a modern data stack.  

Just schedule a demo with us by March 31, 2021 and we’ll give you some extra time to breathe see how easy it is to sync and store your data with Panoply. There are no strings attached and no commitment—we won’t even ask for your credit card.

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