The power struggle in the Cloud DB War just shifted to a new paradigm (and not everybody knows it)

I gotta hand it to Oracle and Larry Ellison, the guy knows how to put on a show! They also know how to do business. When they announced their quarter highlights on September 14th, Larry reported revenue and earnings at or above the high end of its guidance for its fiscal first quarter, bolstered by a cloud business that continues to grow faster than those of its major competitors... Amazing!

Great show, great business, and great vision? Oracle continues to play catch up as a technological laggard when it comes to the cloud. They're late to the game. Check out their financials. Their business mainly relies on legacy customers not churning, not new ones growing and I don’t know anyone (it might just be my close circle) that is thinking of an Oracle first cloud strategy. That being said, technology-wise, Larry is a great visionary, much greater than some of Oracle’s top competitors which are showing greater dominance in the cloud space. In the technology space current market domination and even current trends do not necessarily project anything about future adoption. The future is dominated by the visionaries.

Larry announced his vision to release the first “fully autonomous” database cloud service. By incorporating machine learning into their architecture they no longer “require human beings either to manage the database or tune the database.” It’s a vision that's light years ahead in terms of what the other vendors are even contemplating.

Watching the keynote I agreed with most comments about the revolution we are going through with ML. It's as big as the internet revolution. And in the data space, the need for elasticity, automation of query patterns, provisioning, and all the other manual DB administration is enormous. Companies should focus on DB design and analytics. 18c is not the only and definitely not the first. 

Oracle will have a steep climb to pull off their vision. They eventually will... someday. It's not with the fortune 100s that you surpass biological evolution, it's with the hackers, startups, developers, and red-eyed bandits that code at 3:14 AM to build that one feature they’re super excited about. 

Oracle, and specifically Larry, being a great business and an amazing executor now joins the league of visionaries, being the only enterprise to join this exclusive club of a numbered few. 

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