Panoply Announces An Additional $10M in Funding

We’re excited to share some fantastic news: we recently received a $10 million investment to support our vision of helping companies of all sizes sync, store, and access their data!

We’re thrilled to have previous investor C5 Capital renew their support and to have Ibex Investors become a partner on our journey. We have been convinced that advanced analytics should be accessible to all businesses for years, and it’s gratifying to have our work validated by these respected partners.

We’re also deeply honored to have customers around the world who rely on Panoply to keep their data flowing. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s the reason we’re continually focused on expanding and improving our product.

When we started Panoply, the world of data looked a little different:

-Data was the next big thing   -Analytics is table stakes
-Data science was the “sexiest job of the 21st century”   -Data roles have exploded...and fragmented (analysts, engineers, architects, etc.)
-Self-serve BI tools were breaking into the big time   -Self-serve BI tools are everywhere


As staunch believers in the importance of data, we’re encouraged by that evolution. Data has become fundamental to doing business and data teams are doing increasingly complex analysis and tackling increasingly complex organizational issues. 

In the face of all that complexity, our mission—the principle that brought Panoply into being and that inspires our work today—is all the more essential: Helping analysts reduce the time and effort needed to get value from their data.

When resources are finite (and aren’t they always?), complicated setup and manual maintenance go from obnoxious distractions to outright blockers of insight.

We started Panoply to solve problems like Marketing’s campaign data constantly taking a backseat to bug fixes or a CFO having to work off partial data because she can’t wait for some small but critical piece of information to make its way into her reporting. Those problems are still incredibly relevant today, and they’re becoming even more pressing as companies invest in data earlier and earlier.

So what comes next?

In short: more of what our customers want and need. We’ve dedicated a hefty chunk of our product roadmap to customer requests, and while we can’t reveal everything just yet, here are a few highlights:

Stronger and deeper data source connections

We’re building next-generation data pipelines to sync even more data and make them as flawless as possible. Our goal is to ensure that you have the data you need, when you need it...even if it’s that one obscure field in Salesforce that no one else cares about.

Enhanced storage technologies

As our customers grow, so do their data needs. We’re working to ensure that all our customers have scalable, elastic storage solutions, whether they’re just getting started with data or whether they’re stretching the limits of their current cluster.

Ready-made queries

Getting access to your data is just the start—the real payoff is in the analysis. To make that easier, we'll be working to provide users with ready-made queries built to run on top of Panoply data so they can start finding insights as soon as their data is synced. 


...And, of course, there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes that we can’t wait to share with you! Thanks so much for being part of Panoply, and stay tuned for what comes next!

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