How Helena Carre of Kimberly Clark Uses Panoply

Like most data teams, Kimberly Clark’s EMEA Omnichannel team has results, insights and findings to deliver to dozens of stakeholders. The team also has data scattered across databases, cloud applications and platforms and more—and assembling figures used to be onerous. Now that the team is using Panoply, data collection and aggregation is fast, efficient and dare we say—easy.

Helena Carre, Analytics Lead for the EMEA Onmichannel team at Kimberly Clark, collects and harvests data for the EMEA region (multiple countries and languages). Her team has data coming in from numerous internal and external resources using a variety of methods including API calls, CSV exports and even FTP.

“The one-two punch of using Panoply to speed up my results in Tableau was the best possible solution for my team,” says Carre. “It gave me the things I needed—speed, automation, efficiency, flexibility—without blowing up my budget, increasing my headcount or adding unneeded complexity. It continues to be a great complement to my existing resources.”

Saving Money

With inbound data sources such as SimilarWeb, digital shelf analytics data (both EPOS and clickstream data), data collection and ingestion could be quite convoluted. Also, with a small team, Carre’s constantly trying to meet needs with limited resources as data comes in all formats, structures and forms. Using Panoply to handle the collection load enables Carre to spend more of her valuable time analyzing and drawing insights from data, not assembling and collecting it. Also, using a cloud-service enables her team to skip the need of hiring a dedicated business analyst to vet requests and build requirements.

Saving Time

Now that Carre has deployed Panoply as a part of her data toolset, her existing workflows have become more efficient. She reports that her Tableau powered data visualizations, when paired with Panoply, have sped up dramatically.

In one example, her team had one simple weekly report that has one data source from one retailer. This report took eight hours per week to assemble the data for and an estimated cost of $250,000 every two years to produce—now with Panoply, the report can be created and updated with no human intervention and “no pivot tables!”

Gaining Agility

Using Panoply means that as data needs change, Carre can quickly adapt to these changes on the fly. With the cloud-based analytics solution, her team has gained performance, speed and agility that has resulted in a proven and measurable boost to data and team performance.

“I don’t have to depend on a huge data team to build ETLs and automate data flow. Panoply delivers all this at a fantastic cost. Also, we have data sources that are web-based and require manual export and import into my environment. Now, with Panoply, I can do all this data ingestion with no work on my part.”

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