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Top Tweets from Tableau Conference, #Data17

Written by An Bui|October 23, 2017

TL;DR -- whether you were there or not, these interesting tweets provide food for thought until #Data18.


This tweet is so simple and so true. Dashboards are the pathway to insights, but insights are the path to value creation for your company and customers.


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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that creativity couldn’t be quantified, I’d be a millionaire. This tweet provides a useful framework for visual design, which is a start for data-driven creative.

#ItMe is everything. This tweet. We hear you, and you’re not alone—cheers to doing good with data!


Don’t let terror win is all that needs to be said here.


This tweet is #goals. Anya is ready to rock like a bossgetting vizzy with it.



A well-balanced, well-composed image that pays homage to the victims and survivors of the Vegas shooting has to make the list.


Jump pics are the best. Also love the meta message of recoding the rules as she’s breaking the “rules”. We wouldn’t have innovation without rule breakers, so this spot belongs to the rebels who push us forward.


Data-themed nails? Sign me up. These are on point and well done. Someone with this level of attention to detail is someone I’d want to work with on any data-related projects.


Socks were the worst holiday present when I was a kid (Sorry, grandma!) but now that I’m an adult, swag socks are the best socks. Congrats to Interworks for making this list based on their strong swag socks game.

I’m a sucker for smart, thematic, experiences that get more interesting as more data points are added (or in this case, removed ;) 

What tweets did you think deserved to be on this list? Tweet us to let us know.

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