Panoply: Making Amazon Redshift Serverless Since 2015

One of the biggest news items that came out of AWS re:invent 2017 was the announcement of Aurora Serverless. At first when we saw the news, we’re all 👏.

You see, “serverless” is a big industry buzzword right now, and for good reason. Serverless technology is exciting to developers and builders alike because it allows flexibility in designing a data stack. In the serverless world, underlying infrastructure can be dynamically scaled up or down to adjust to demand and usage. With no servers to provision or maintain, developers can focus on what they do best - writing and deploying amazing software and services.

The newly announced Aurora Serverless makes is easy and (somewhat) inexpensive to launch transactional databases that don’t need to continually process data. Kudos to Amazon for capitalizing on the ‘serverless’ movement and, in some people’s eyes, dragging database technology into the twenty first century.

But...then we looked around the room at one another, and our mood shifted to: 🤔

Why? Because, at Panoply, we developed a serverless Redshift that has been enjoyed by hundreds of customers since 2015. Hence, the smirking.

“Every time a cloud provider goes serverless a Data Engineer gets his wings” says Yaniv Leven, CEO of Panoply. “But in today’s world they should all already be flying - it still baffles me they’re not. With straightforward pricing and infinite scaling options, we’ve brought serverless Redshift to market for multiple years now.  We don’t see it just as big news from re:Invent, we see it as reality.”

Every day, Panoply customers enjoy a serverless analytical database free from the provisioning and scaling maintenance of servers. But, even in the serverless world, increasing scale means adding cost, which adds complexity, right? Not really! Panoply’s pricing means you know what you’re getting and you’re never left wondering what the heck ‘compute units’ mean. 😅

If you want a serverless, battle-tested cloud data warehouse that makes data management a breeze...look no further.

“Amazon Redshift is today’s leading cloud data warehouse, and we know that if an expert engineering team continuously analyzes and tunes Redshift, the performance can be phenomenal.” says Leven. “But  even for expert engineers, the continuity of the process is basically mission impossible, and without it, Redshift’s production performance can be less than that of competing technologies. Panoply’s breakthrough technology, which enables Redshift to act as a serverless warehouse, provides this continuous performance optimization at zero maintenance.”

Panoply welcomes the opportunity to serve your (serverless!) data warehousing needs. Click here  to get a 14 day free trial of Panoply and see how serverless Redshift can work for you.

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