Announcing General Availability On Data Warehouse In The Cloud

Following the steady growth trajectory of customer onboarding, with a select-user rollout in late 2016 and a quiet launch in February 2017 that has ballooned to over 100 active customers to date, Panoply is moving its Smart Cloud Data Warehouse solution - an autonomous machine learning data warehouse that doesn’t require human beings to either manage or tune the database - into general availability.

Freeing data engineers from warehouse maintenance with cloud-based data warehouse architecture

General availability is an anchored benchmark in Panoply’s growth. Panoply is the world’s first cloud data warehouse that actually learns and self-optimizes, harnessing a unique architecture to deliver the power of a relational database warehouse with the flexibility and ease of an elastic serverless architecture. Now analysts, data scientists, marketing ops, and any other data-driven team can self-support an autonomous data warehouse capable of ingesting, maintaining and optimizing a petabyte of data without the need of IT intervention.

“It’s a learning machine, forging the rules of its universe, claying the ongoing continuous chaos of information into one logical masterpiece” said Yaniv Leven, CEO of Panoply. “Today we are taking the first viable step towards IT futurist Ray Kruzweil’s ‘Singularity’ concept in analytics infrastructure with Panoply.”

Building the Smart Cloud Data Warehouse means harnessing the power and potential of machine learning to simplify the normalization and analysis of large data sets into logical tools for business decision making. Panoply’s machine learning algorithms continuously learn from the universe of information available in big datasets, then tune, manage and optimize the database in order to manifest fast, insightful visualizations and query responses.

Since the quiet launch in February 2017, Panoply has focused on streamlining self-serve onboarding and optimizing for IT-free, autonomous usage. This autonomous onboarding process has enabled prospects to ingest petabytes of data, all seamlessly maintained and self-optimized by the platform’s machine learning algorithms and without intervention from the user’s IT staff or Panoply’s Data Architects. The results point to amazing efficiency: more than 8,500 analysis hours saved, 600,000 queries optimized, and an average run time reduction of 95 percent, all in the past 8 months through Panoply’s machine learning Smart Cloud Data Warehouse. 

InVision’s data team is working smarter with Panoply


“One of the biggest challenges of running a data warehouse in a high-growth company is having to continuously manage capacity and performance as schemas and workloads rapidly evolve. Said Kai Rikhye, Lead Data Engineer at Invision. Panoply's machine learning based data warehouse management saves a lot of time spent on maintenance and trial-and-error tuning, allowing data engineers to focus on helping deliver business insights."


Bringing Panoply’s Smart Cloud Data Warehouse to life

The Smart Cloud Data Warehouse transforms the experiences of analysts, data scientists, and any data-driven team by providing some key innovations including:

  • Zero management - There is no need to wait for data engineers and IT departments to deliver data. Panoply’s machine learning technology handles all data automatically so analysts can focus on analysis and insights. This autonomy means there’s no infrastructure to manage - it’s all automatic.
  • Automated ETL - Panoply automatically discovers data types and data structures. And, if the dataset changes Panoply will respond to it automatically, including adding new columns.
  • Faster queries - The Panoply machine learning algorithms detect slow queries and improve performance through data caching. Benchmarks show Panoply can decrease query run times by up to 95 percent, with average returns topping 80 percent.
  • Universal data support - Panoply supports structured and semi structured data, and automatically turns JSON, XML, Mongo or other NoSQL databases into columnar form in a structured database. Additionally, with Panoply’s software development kit an engineer can send data directly from their applications in real time.
  • Speaks SQL - Every part of Panoply speaks SQL. No programming languages are needed to transform data. Anyone who writes SQL can manipulate data inside Panoply, and any SQL-compliant query or visualization tool will work with Panoply.
  • Full elasticity – Panoply is a serverless cloud data warehouse, allowing it to auto scale, distribute workloads, perform seamless storage and performance optimizations, including metadata and query executions.
  • Enterprise grade privacy and security - Secure multi-step authentication and access control, and industrial-grade encryption for both data in-flight and on-disk are provided as always-on features. Panoply employs the strictest privacy and security compliance measures including GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA and annual audit reports among others.

And beyond these innovations, Panoply is flexible and can meet any team's needs:

  • Unlimited queries and unlimited users – No matter how big or complicated the data source, Panoply never stops or limits queries. Regardless of the subscription tier, pricing is not bound to the number of queries or users.
  • Support directly from data engineers – Panoply <3’s our customers and strives to give them the best support experience. When a customer team member contacts Panoply, they always talk to an experienced data engineer, never to a customer support rep.
  • Connect any data tool - Panoply never limits how customers ingest or extract data. Customers can ingest data via Panoply, write their own ETL process or use a third-party tool. The same philosophy goes to visualizing data: connect to any BI/visualization via a standard JDBC/ODBC connection.
  • Grow with us – Get data-driven from day one. Panoply supports small to large enterprises, starting at just $79 a month. 

User-driven focus with machine learning driven results

“The focus of the last eight months has been to get Panoply to provide users with a frictionless self-serve experience” says Yaniv Leven, Panoply CEO. “When you think about it, it is an incredibly complex challenge. We are taking an industry that has not changed for over four decades, that is incredibly labor intensive, that is used to doing things a certain way, and saying hold on... there’s a better way. The better way is not labor intensive, is not complex, is completely self-serve and always optimized.”

Leven continues, “We are streamlining the mission critical path of bringing analytical data to the value extractors in the organization. There is much more to do, but we’ve raised our self-serve completion rate and now beat industry standards by a factor of three, so we’ve come a long way since the quiet launch. We have also run some benchmarking tests and showed we can lower dashboard runtime by up to 80 percent, without any intervention of IT, which is incredible by any standard. But most importantly, we’ve been able to free more than 100 companies’ mission critical analytical data from its manual and labor intensive shackles.” 

About Panoply

Panoply is the world’s first Smart Cloud Data Warehouse. Panoply delivers the industry’s fastest time to insights by eliminating the development and coding typically associated with transforming, integrating, and managing data. Panoply’s proprietary AI technology automatically enriches, transforms and optimizes complex data, making it simple to gain actionable insights. The company, based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, is privately held and funded by investors such as Intel Capital, 500 Startups, Blumberg Capital, and C5 Capital. For more information and a list of career opportunities, please visit, or on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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