Panoply Is Now Fully Integrated With Mixpanel


Mixpanel is one of the leading business analytics solution that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication. Many mobile and web apps use Mixpanel to gain a better understanding of user behavior in order to improve their products performance, maximize revenue and reduce churn. Panoply has built a connector to Mixpanel that will allow you add all your Mixpanel data, combine it with any other data such as e-commerce, Google Analytics, or financial data and seamlessly connect it to a BI visualization of your choice. This means you’ll get a truly 360° view of your product’s performance, user behavior and revenue potential.

The automated data warehouse management tool every Product Manager or Developer needs

Panoply has become an indispensable tool for Product Managers and developers who want a simple, affordable way to gather all the disparate data sources relating to their product in one place, on their own, without the need for engineering or help from the IT team. What’s more, Panoply’s cloud data management solution use AI to automate not only the data ingestion, but also query performance optimization and even data storage management, saving you time, overhead costs for storage, and additional IT headcount.

Which Mixpanel data does Panoply collect?

Panoply collect the details for the following Mixpanel resources:

  • Events
  • Funnels
  • Engage
    • Campaigns
    • Deliveries
    • Initial referring domain
    • Journey controls
    • Journeys
    • Message sends
    • Notifications
    • Transactions
    • Purchase list

How to add Mixpanel for existing customers

The new Mixpanel will be released on July 1. It will NOT run on existing Mixpanel data sources configured in Panoply. A migration will need to occur.

To migrate follow these steps on or after July 1, 2019:

1) Disconnect existing Mixpanel data sources

2) Remove Mixpanel data sources from the Data Sources page

3) Delete all the Mixpanel tables in the Tables page

4) On July 1 or later, create new Mixpanel data sources, schedule, and click Collect. Note: when searching for the data source it will be named "Mixpanel".

Support for the current Mixpanel data source will stop on July 1. After July 1 you may continue using Mixpanel data sources configured previously. But any new MixPanel data sources added to your warehouse will use the new Mixpanel data connector. This will cause differences in your data that may make it unusable. For this reason we recommend you migrate as described above.

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