Get Xero Financial Reporting Into A Data Warehouse In Minutes

You can now ingest Xero data into Panoply for 360 degree view of your business

Financial data is pivotal to any business or organizations. Startups especially need to be on top of their financial accounting - every penny of investment and budgetary spend counts. Many companies use third party providers like Xero to help keep track of accounting and financial data. Now Xero is available as a built-in data source in Panoply, empowering anyone working with data analytics or accounting, to add Xero data and combine it with any other data sources. Panoply gives you the full, 360 degree view of your accounting finances to let you make critical business decisions in near real time.

Easily add Xero data resources into Panoply in just minutes

Some of the more important data that can easily be pulled from Xero into Panoply - in just a few clicks, include transfers, journals, invoices, and accounts etc. These are just some of the data resources you can add to Panoply. The below diagram shows you which other data resources you can set up to automatically schedule to add into Panoply from Xero.




Financial accounting data is sensitive information and requires the appropriate data governance, which Panoply can provide thanks to its Team Permissions feature.

Mash-up and combine all your data with Xero data for lightning fast analytics

Panoply is different from all other data management solutions because it lets anyone at your organization add and combine Xero financial data with any other financial, sales, CRM etc data sources - on their own, without the help of IT and engineering, eliminating bottlenecks and wait times associated with building a data pipeline.

Panoply also lets you seamlessly connect all your data (including Xero data) with any BI or visualization tools you need. Panoply’s proprietary AI technology also speeds up your queries the more you use them to make your reporting dashboards to run 10x faster.

Take Panoply for a spin

You can try out adding Xero - or any data source, by easily creating your own Panoply database. Just sign up for a free 14 day trial (no credit card required). You can also contact one of our expert Data Architect by requesting a customized demo or watching our short demo video.

Learn how to add the Xero data source integration in our Docs or contact if you need more information or guidance.

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