Exploring Panoply’s New 60-Day Proof of Value

Try Free for 14 Days! No doubt you’ve seen this language all around the data industry and the internet at large as the free 14-day trial has become table stakes for any SaaS Platform.  

But we decided to toss that standard out the window and do what’s best for our customers—which is why we’re announcing our new Free 60-Day Proof of Value.

A Proof of Value (PoV) allows new users to take a deeper dive into the value of the Panoply platform, and explore how it will work for their specific use case in order to justify adoption and measure success.

Bill Nye saying 'This Changes Everything'

Evaluating new tools for your business’s data stack is a huge undertaking, and it’s generally only one of many tasks on the evaluators plate at any given time. People are busy, purchases need time to be approved, and sometimes life happens and your two-week testing plan gets thrown out the window. This often means that a well-intentioned trial either never gets off the ground, or is unable to confidently move forward at the end of the trial. We’re changing that. 

Here at Panoply, we pride ourselves on having built a platform that is quick and easy to implement, and shows a fast ROI. Even so, we understand that while getting your data moving is fast and easy, gleaning useful insights from that data can take a bit longer. With months instead of days, users now have enough time to not only get data where they need it, but also to run analysis and start making data-driven decisions. springbadges

Show Real Value

With 60 days in the platform, our goal is for users to connect all their disparate data sources, gain business insights, and begin to see the business value of a consolidated data warehouse. 

Getting your data in one spot is only the first step of actually deriving value from that data. We encourage you to spend some time querying data in our workbench or to push the data into your BI tool. With some of our data sources, we’ve provided prebuilt SQL queries to make this process even easier for you. We understand that doing robust business analysis and seeing the value from this analysis can take time, which is where the new PoV comes into play. 

Simplified Pricing

Panoply has tiered pricing based on Query Bytes, a unit of measure that tracks the compute power used when working with your data. More simply, Query Bytes are the amount of data processed when a query statement is run, manipulations are made to tables, or data is synced. 

Generally, this is going to be a difficult measurement to estimate.  With the Proof of Value, users have 5000 GiB of Query Bytes and 60 Days to take the guesswork out of the process. Now you have plenty of time to select your level of investment based on quantifiable information from your POV.  We’re all about making decisions based on actual data, rather than a best guess. 


Ready to see the value of your data at work? Sign up today, and see the value Panoply can bring to your business. 

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