Query 100x Faster With Automated Query Materialization

Massive upgrade to Panoply’s query optimization - prepare to be blown away by lightning fast query results

As a data analyst, you’re all too familiar with how long queries can take to come back with the result set. When dealing with tables with millions of rows and vast amounts of data, it takes time for queries to parse and present the results of the query you’re looking for in a timely matter. Luckily, Panoply’s developed a solution that brings you from data ingestion to data transformation in near record time, thanks to its ETL-less process and ability to automate both query optimizations and data storage maintenance.

Well now we have even more good news for Data Analysts! Panoply’s proprietary smart data warehouse has received a major upgrade in the way that it automates the performance of query materialization, which will let you get your query results up to 100 times faster. Overall, you’ll see great improvement in your queries, especially those stickler queries that take 30 seconds or more to come back with results - even those will be twice as fast.

Why should you care?

  • No more hanging queries
  • No more endless repetition of the same queries
  • Get query results in record time
  • Get fast actionable data insights for all your lines of business

So how does it work?

In short, Panoply’s uses a proprietary “smart caching” feature. Unlike simple caching used by competitors, smart caching is not based on just the last query you’ve made, but rather based on Panoply’s unique algorithm that learns how you actually query your data based on the query you need at the time you need it.

Panoply's automated query materialization performance can be explained in 3 easy steps:

I. Identify the query - Panoply’s algorithm automatically scans each query you make and ranks the queries based the following 3 metrics:

  1. Duration of the query - how many seconds on average the query lasts.
  2. Number of runs - how many times you ran the query.
  3. Row count of the query result set - how many rows were returned from the query on average.

II. Materialize - The process creates "views" for the highest ranked queries, and instantly materializes them.

III. Query swap - The next time you run a query that was previously materialized, Panoply will automatically redirect it to the materialized view, saving you precious time.

Panoply vs competitor capabilities in the query materialization 

Panoply is the only data warehouse on the market today that has the ability to automate query materialization in this fashion. We’re able to make record-breaking fast query materialization because unlike our competitors, Panoply’s smart data warehouse has built-in ETL, which means that because we are the ones that ingest and transform all your data sources, our algorithm can trigger the materialization while also keeping the data up-to-date.

Panoply’s algorithm then learns the usage patterns in the queries to swap queries, automatically redirecting it to optimize its performance. Other leading competitors try to overcome slow and hanging queries by simply allocating more compute resources to overcome the bottleneck, but this extra compute means extra cost.

Automatic query optimization - at no extra cost

Panoply, however, optimizes queries using the same compute resources based on smart learning algorithms. You don’t need to worry about adding any additional resources or having to ask your IT or engineering team for help, Panoply automatically boosts query materialization performance, at no additional cost to you.

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