10 Minutes To A High-Performance Big Data Stack. Really.

Nearly everyone in the IT world has heard the quote from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about the need for speed and performance in technology—“Move fast, break things.” While that might apply to social media platforms, there is less forgiveness for breaking things in the data analytics and business intelligence world. Too many decisions are riding on the data you engineer, and you and your data-consuming stakeholders need the reports produced to be factual and credible.

So rectifying the need for valid, actionable data with the need to be agile and responsive in a fast-changing business environment is usually the task of the IT department. And as with any business-critical process, it comes with complications of staffing, programming, and resource allotment.

Get A Big Data Stack in 10 Minutes

Moving fast without breaking things is still possible, and putting together a big data stack in as little as 10 minutes can produce some high-performance, high-ROI results. The key is implementing a solution that includes the right combination of components for high functionality and long-term value.

We've teamed up with data analysis leaders Stitch and Chartio to make the 10 minute data stack a reality with the Automatic Cloud Data Stack. The partnership means the stack has all the components you need for data analysisETL, data warehousing, AI-enabled query learning, business intelligence, and visualization capabilitiesalong with complete interoperability, flexibility and scalability. The entire interface is easy and intuitive to use, and best of all, it doesn’t require extra staff to implement it, or more time from your existing resources to manage it.

The combination of each company’s unique specialty results in a solution that’s fast and flexible while maintaining the robustness needed for complex querying. The integrated stack means setup and configuration is eliminated, and various data sources can be tapped without the need for coding. The business intelligence UI is drag and drop, and visualizations are fully customizable.

Go Fast, But Don’t Sacrifice Performance

As important as speed may be to your organization, your data stack needs to include performance features that make it a valuable long-term IT solution. The Automatic Cloud Data Stack is quick to set up and maintain, but it also provides democratized, accessible business intelligence for team members of all technical abilities. The configuration of the BI output is easy even for non-technical users, but those users with SQL abilities can direct more specific results. This flexibility gives the solution scalability to support company growth and increased data analysis needs.

The cloud-based design adds to the flexibility and scalability of the solution - there are no hardware components to manage, maintain, or repair, and it’s simple to add data sources as your company’s IT landscape changes. The cloud-based design also helps keep data secure, and is compliant with rigorous security protocols and various industry standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 and others.

The 10 minute setup time and lifecycle scalability of the Automatic Cloud Data Stack strikes a balance between speed to launch and long-term performance and value.

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